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Going crazy with my kids

My 7 year old is having birthday party today and is showing off in front of her friends
My other daughter is 5 and sooky cause she’s not centre of attention

Wish someone told me about kids behaviour when they got older

How can I improve my life ?


Answers (2)

You chose this lifestyle
Now put on your big girls panties on and grow up

It's only just begun!!! (singing to the Carpenter's song)!!! :) The only one who can improve it, is you!!! Your kids never asked to be born, so start loving them, and having fun!!! Kids have moods, get used to it!!!! Find a hobby for yourself, start a business from home. There is so much you can do. You just have to have the motivation. If you get depressed, go see someone. Wait until the teenage years!!!! You had better prepare yourself now. No-one said life was meant to be easy!! But you have to make the most of it!!! Only one who can make you happy, is you!!!