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how do i deal with an unsupportive MIL

Have been diagnosed with fibromyligia and my MIL told hubby i have to be strong and not let it affect my life and think happy thoughts


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I think that is supportive. Could have said ‘try not to let it you affect your life’. As in don’t let it hold you back from achieving what you want.

It sounds like she's well-meaning but has absolutely no idea what FM entails. Gentle education needed.

 I agree
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Sounds like well meaning advice. How do you interpret it? Do you feel like she is playing it down? Life throws situations and outsiders often don't know enough about it, or have the knowledge and experience to offer the most understanding of advice. Talk to your hubby about you and even talk to her about your worries and concerns, it might be a good opportunity for you to give her a better understanding of your feelings and if she is not receptive accept that and let it go in one ear and out the other. Goodluck mum

 My friend has FM. Its pretty impossible to not let it affect your life, esp. with kids. It makes you tired, muscle pain etc. I think thats what the OP is saying that the MIL is minimising something serious.
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I don't know that condition and I am sorry to hear you have it. I hope you can stay strong, your MIL may not have expressed herself well but she sounds like she means well.

Some people just don't realise what they are saying and don't think about how it comes across. She may mean well, but if it bothers you just be strong and tell yourself what you need to hear. Let it roll off you, and don't give it much thought. Find who is supporting you how you need it and turn to them. My inlaws are really insensitive about out miscarriages, so my husband talks to them and tells them I don't want to discuss it.