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Birthday parties judgy parents: if you have a party do you care if the other parents buy cheap presents? Do you notice the cheap presents vs expensive presents?


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The fact that you turned up at all is all I care about. I'd rather you get my child something that cost $5 and be there than get them something for $20 and drop it off.

Last party for my twins I requested colouring books. $2 each most people brought 2 each kid and my kids were over the moon! People kept asking what to buy and I didn't want it to be expensive for anyone. It is more of a present having people come along.

I usually spend $30-$40 per party when we attend because both kids take one. We don't go to many. My kids love choosing things for their friends.

Yeah people notice but I am not one to care!

No. I don’t care if someone turns up with a cheap present or no present. That isn’t why I throw a party and I’m teaching my kids not to be gift grabbers too.

 I agree with you, except if people come with no presents. I think thats just slightly rude. Bring a block of chocolate if thats all. I dont want expensive gifts for my kids, but something small. I dont know if its right or wrong in the way i think, Maybe its because i was brought up we dont go to someones house empty handed. If we are asked for dinner to someones house, Even a small token like a baked batch of cookies is nice. A play date = bring a plate to share. I dont come from a place of greed. But i would never go to someones party and not bring them a gift.
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 I don’t go anywhere empty handed either but I wouldnt care if someone didnt bring a gift to a kid’s party.
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We usually write "Your presence is all the presents we need." My son gets enough from his family and we have limited space for toys and junk.

 thats a great idea!!
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No, once my daughters friend gave her second hand books. The other kids at the party laughed at her. My daughter LOVED them. It’s not about money, it’s about thought. You don’t know what people’s circumstances are.

 Oh my goodness, i cant believe the other kids laughed at her, the poor girl (who was giving the present and was laughed at). My heart breaks when other kids bully other kids. Good on you Mumma for teaching your daughter that its not the amount of money spent, its the thought!!
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 You are right, you dont know what people's circumstances are and to tell you the truth a present can be the difference between food for that day for a family or a $20 present. If a family is trying to choose between eating and coming to my child's birthday party, id rather they came and not brought a gift, or handmake a card or something. Sometimes, birthday parties are the only "lesiure" activity that child might be able to for instance i had a birthday party at flip out, i invited a child, i know their parents would not normally be able to afford to take their child, but by coming to my son's birthday party he was able to enjoy it and say that he had been!! They had a great time. Just come and enjoy it. I dont care the cost of the present and trust me i aint looking. I am too busy rounding up the kids and enjoying the company of my children who are enjoying the party!!
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 Uggghhhh this is another reason to open presents after the party when everyone has gone. How awful those kids laughed, but they inherited that attitude from their parents
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I notice but I don’t say anything🤷‍♀️

 But do you secretly judge the family that gave your son a cheap present?
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 Sorry should have said son or daughter...
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 Hmmmm I probably think things might be a bit tight at the moment or their kid is quite popular and gets invited to lots of parties.
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Everyone notices it! But no one really talks about it!

 Some people cant afford an expensive present and going to birthday parties most weeks, gets too costly. Honestly if my limit is $10 per gift per child, so be it. Its not a competition. You can get great stuff on sale.
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What can you buy ?

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 Heaps and heaps of stuff, stationary, clothes-top or bottom or both. Target, big w, kmart always always have stuff on sale. I dont buy a present unless its on sale. I also buy thing's like stationary and pens and pencils for school aged kids, because there is a good cgance it can be used and most kids like stuff like that. Thats how i keep it to a $10 budget. Sales sales sales. Anything on sale.
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 You can get a couple of hot wheels cars for $10. Or a couple of those shopkins surprise things. My daughter loves all of those lucky dip type of toys and they are only a few dollars. She is currently obsessed with the Paw Patrol mashems which are $4 each. If you look you can find something a kid will love for $10 and under.
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 A $10 present =$20 present when bought on sale at 50% off.
So really its not that cheap looking at the end of the day.

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 Actually, some of us much prefer the reasonable price prsents to the stupidly expensive ones. I think its a bit show-offy to buy really expensive presents and mean to those who arent as well off because they cant reciprocate. Be sensible not show off.
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I dont care at all. My children and very fortunate, I remind them of that daily and how there are many not as lucky as they are. One winge from them, I literally chuck things out in front of them. They know to be grateful and happy with whatever they get after seeing their precious iPads go in the bin 😎 stuck by it too! I took them away over 11 months ago 😂

 Omg did you go and get them out of the bin later??
Lol i love it. Good parenting!

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 Yes went back and got them thankfully the bin had dry rubbish only 😂 I haven’t given them back to the kids as they’re so much better witbout them! Both do an extra activity, which is gymnastics, as well as dancing and swimming. Plus I’ve signed them up for tennis at preschool. I was a fool to agree to ipads so young, they won’t be getting them again until kindy.
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We don’t care at all. We’d just love you to turn up and share our special day. I went to my 5 yr old nephews party years ago. My son was also 5 and I let him choose the gift which was a really cool laser gun that had awesome sounds and shot out lots of colour lights. My nephew threw it across the room while the rich guests grumbled about who it was that would choose such a cheap crappy gift.

I don’t care at all. I’m happy my kid has friends that want to come to his party, he’s happy they are there, the presents are not that important. He can have just as much fun with a $5 gift as he can with a $30 one.