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Boring bachelor

It's my usual silly entertainment show but it's been so boring I don't care about it is there anything else I can watch for some giggles ? I need something to look forward to!


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Why do they call him honey badger. And i thought bachelors on the show were supposed to be handsome

It’s the bachelor. No offence farmer bogan but it’s the only bachelor season that’s bored me so much I’ve sfopped watching

This season is really boring isn't it. Ally's season will be even worse, shes a snooze fest.

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Yeah they say he legitimately wants to find love...but...he'd have a better chance at finding a normal decent girl by putting up a dating profile on e-harmony. I realise he is famous, and there are some footy crazed females out there..but...he'd be more recognisable to men, than the random female on eharmony lol I literally had no idea who he was and had never seen him before in any magazines / social media UNTIL....he became the bachelor and the vast majority of female friends (bar the ones with hubbies who have strong footy interests) had no idea who he was either. But of course, when you go on bachelor, your generally famous, or famous for being rejected on the show before and attract a stereotype social media chic who applies to go on it.