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Baby teeth keepsakes

How has everyone kept/stored their childrens baby teeth?


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I used to keep them in a drawer in my jewellery box. Then one day I wondered why on earth I was keeping them, I had no plans or use for them. So I tossed them and any new ones go in the bin.

OP This is why you should keep them.
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 That's not the same as keeping them. That's getting them shipped off to have stem cells extracted. As it states in the article, you can't just keep them in a drawer and use them years later.
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Google "baby teeth doll".

 That thing is creepy AF
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 Haha isn't it?! I would totally do that if I could sew but!
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I make jewellery out of my children's. I coat them in clean nail polish to preserve the enamel and the. I drill small holes to make a necklace or earrings.

 Do you wear them? Teeth as jewellery, it just seems so yuk
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 Oh god, I really hope that you are taking the piss because that is so weird..haha!
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Do you keep dog shit too?

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 No, do you?
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I kept my daughter's I don't know why. I found my own teeth in mums jewelry box maybe that's why lol

Bin them. You don't have to keep every single thing from your child. Hair yeah keep that but teeth no, just throw it out.

Never occurred to me too keep them, probably because my parents never kept mine. If they had I would have just chucked them out anyway, got no use for them. Maybe just get a nice little container/box?

I used to keep them in a little trinket box. But then one day I realised that I wasn't going to use them for anything, so I've started chucking them out now. If you're into making them into dolls or jewellery, that's cool. But not me.