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Constant feeling of butterflies/nerves in stomach for no apparent reason?

Anyone experience this or can give me insight? For the past week or so I have an awful feeling of butterflies in my stomach, like extreme nerves. I can't eat, it wakes me up at night and I will be seeing a doc during the week but feel kinda stupid going for butterflies in my tummy.
I am a very anxious person and the past year of my life has been hands down the worst, but this feeling hasn't occurred before for me.


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Sounds very much like anxiety. I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and I find walking helps to alleviate the stomach "knots". I will generally take a 20 minute walk around our local reserve and focus only on my surrounds (eg trees, birds). This helps to centre your attention on one thing and calm the subconscious feelings you have. You can also try downloading the Buddhify Ap, which has heaps of different guided meditations. I was very sceptical at first, but have found they have really helped to ease the tension and leave me feeling calm and in control. For instances where I'm unable to get the feelings under control, I use prescription medication or the rescue remedy tongue drops. It's a horrible feeling not being able to pinpoint where the feelings are coming from but you are definitely not alone and it can be managed.

OP Thank you, great response xx
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 Yes agree, great response. Helpful to others too 👍🏼😘 thanks x
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 As much as this makes sense, I don't want to believe this. Whenever I talk to anyone about having anxiety they call me dramatic. Its making me think I don't have it. I probably don't but if this is the only answer, I am being forced to believe I actually have anxiety. I don't want anxiety, im only in 7th-grade I'm too young to have this. But, if anyone has another answer please tell me. Butterflies come and go randomly, and I don't have an actual diagnosis. I don't want to self diagnose my self with anything so
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Have you perhaps been triggered by a past trauma ? That could cause butterflies.

So this happened to me and it turned out I was 16 weeks pregnant. I had been waving it 9ff as anxiety, but it was bubs moving.

OP This is my worst fear and it has crossed my mind.
I have a 7 month old, 18 month old, hubby with cancer and live with my inlaws, I would die...

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 Sounds like you've got a lot to be anxious about. Whatever it is, I hope you can get some sleep soon.
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I have the same thing, it’s been about 9 months since mine started. Mine only came after a big trauma in my life. My doctor thinks it’s anxiety. It’s so annoying!

That's anxiety. I had the same thing which was not great to live with. Some good meds and exercise got rid of it.

OP Thank you I think you may be right
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I get this too, except not at night. All of a sudden I get this nervous feeling, butterflies, and (this is gross but true) I have the urge to use the toilet and I get diarrhoea. It has been happening for the past couple months and I don’t know why eeeeek

 don’t worry I get all those symptoms too lol
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 have you ever figured out what it is?
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Sounds like panic attacks or anxiety attacks. I get them really bad. Dump the kids on mum, stick the headphones on loud with something you love pumping and go for a really long walk every day or two. Anything to get a break from your own mind.

OP Yes I wondered if it could be panic attacks but not sure why it would be waking me up at night?
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 My panic attacks were always between 2 and 3 am - wake up feeling like I was going to vomit, pacing the house, trouble breathing… don't know why, but always night.
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 My husband quite often wakes up with panic attacks. I believe they're called nocturnal panic attacks. Google it. I did to try and help him.
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Oh wow, that sounds just like what happens to me! Stomach feels like nervous butterflies or constant dropping feeling in tummy. It wakes me up too. I am looking forward to reading this! Best of luck!

 If your heart is racing ask your doctor about trying a beta blocker as many sportspeople us them to calm their nerves when they have to play in big events. Golfers, dart players, snooker players and poker players use them to steady their nerves. Google it.
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I too have the same stomach fluttering feeling in the gut for the past six months. Doctors have not identified the reason even after tests. Particularly it keeps me awake when the sleep starts and in half sleep. Pls help me if someone know the medication.its really annoying and creates anxiety.

 I’m not a doctor by any means, but look up a thing called “Sleep paralysis” sounds similar
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 Hey I’ve had the same thing for 6 months too - was wondering if you’re has got any better ?
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I have no idea why but so do I. I don’t have anxiety or anything else but I always have those annoying butterflies

 I also have your problem. Its been 2 weeks that I feel butterflies in my gut but I have no clew why since I don't have anxiety. Did you find anything that can help?
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 Hello, any luck with getting rid of these nervous feelings in yours stomach? Mine are so bad. It’s affecting my digestion and it’s worse as I’m falling asleep.
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I’m wondering if mine is microvascular angina, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow.

I'd like to say to you it's probably nothing. You've probably come here to get some support and be told youre just overthinking nothing. But I sadly have written the same post or had the same feeling and something really was up.
We are in the end animals with intuition/senses. We often ignore this intuition. We dispell it as being paranoid or needing more sleep. Sometimes it is but sometimes it really isn't. Sometimes your subconscious picks up on something that you haven't necessarily cottoned onto yet.
We pick up subtle cues/hormone signatures/behavioural patterns subconsciously. Think of it how if your house has been broken into you feel weird as soon as you walk in even though you haven't seen all your drawers open. Or that friends new boyfriend makes the hair on your arm stand up but you don't know why and later you find out he's a psycho. Well it's like that.
So be vigilant. Investigate. It could be something. It could be nothing.
Your birth control might have been forgotten. A missed period. Missed appointment. Bad weather on the horizon. It could be your husband is up to no good. A sick relative. A friend stealing. It could be you forgot to pay a bill. It could be you've misplaced something. It could be something on the horizon.
Your subconscious might know something your head doesn't know yet.
Either way all reveals itself in time.
Or you could just be pregnant. I get super paranoid in early pregnancy haha. Like I'm on guard. Guess it's some sort of "protect baby/be careful" hormone that's inbuilt in you for before you know your pregnant.