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People are too quick to cry racist

That whole scandal with the kids complaining about a poem they hated in their HSC exam. I mean yeah, trolling the author on twitter was taking it way too far, I'm not excusing that behaviour in the slightest. But I'm convinced their comments were not intended to be racist. They didn't know she was aboriginal, it didn't say so anywhere in the exam and her name doesn't give any clues. They posted the image of a monkey on a typewriter, which has always been used to suggest someone's writing is childish or meaningless, before they knew anything about her. But everyone's jumped on the bandwagon making it out to be an intentional racial slur.

Anyway seems like the exam writers didn't have a clue what the poem was about either, the author of the poem said it's about child sex abuse (which is not appropriate for yr 12 exam) and the exam question asked the kids to explain how it was about "delight in discovery".


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Ahhh, the internet! Maybe these students should of directed their angst with the education department, instead of taking to social media to attack someone (someone that really had nothing to do with their exam). These days people are so quick to jump online and carry on like a pork chop, as soon as they don't like something or someone. I don't believe that these comments were racial motivated but they were still wrong and misdirected.

 Haha yeah right, can't see a 17 year old "directing their angst with the education department" instead of jumping on twitter. Probably would have zero effect if they did anyway. A strongly-worded email to the education board would just be ignored and that's the end of it. At least this way they drew some publuc attention to the exam writers and checkers!
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 ^so it's ok to bullying and attack someone online if it draws attention to your cause. Sounds like a piss poor excuse for crappy behaviour!
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 Nope no excuse for bullying. Just saying twitter is a much more accessible platform and probably more effective way to address a complaint because it's public.
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Everything now is being perceived as racist, sexist or some sort of or ...phobic. It's only ever a few small, annoying, loud people who get the attention for being sensitive buttons.

The authorities who allow such stupid exam questions need to be held accountable for the mess they have created. They set the whole thing off. Fancy asking a question that was totally irrelevant and incorrect for the poem ! How incompetent, lazy, and dumb could they be? And they are supposedly trained educators. No doubt the question was checked by several layers of equally dumb people before the exam was signed off. The exam results affect both further education and career prospects for those sitting the exam; they have significant adverse consequences. The student anger may have been fueled by fury at an exam question they could not answer. There is too much of this incompetence in our education systems. There have been maths exams that asked for opinions (instead of real problem solving and calculations), and for students to formulate mathematical calculations around completely irrelevant "latest trendy untested theories" that are completely impossible to analyse mathematically. Its verging on criminal for education authorities to be allowed to get away with this. No wonder our own kids cant compete with students from other countries.
Its a bit like the people who thought if the words "Smart State" appear on enough documents and in the press, suddenly smartness will be the result. Simplistic, mindless, vacuous crap.
I agree with OP that the reaction treating the student response as deliberately racist is wrong, but it is also an example of jumping to opinions without checking any of the facts, and lazy thinking - which permeates right up to the top of our government and bureaucracy. No wonder we have a problem with it in general society.

It's frustrating af!! I'm glad you posted this. What annoys me also is the way the media report about people being "outraged" and "offended" by every little thing! Like as an example halloween costumes. People are offended by cultural misappropriation! Apparently you can't play dressups anymore. Can't wear a Pocahontas costume, or an indian costume or dress up as a bloody monkey I'm sure because it's offensive to monkies.

 Yeah I don't really get "cultural appropriation". Someone who isn't from your culture wore something from your culture??? OH NO!! I just don't understand why it's offensive. I've read a bunch of angry rants about it and I'm still like "so, what's the problem?"
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