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Is it possible for my 9yo son to have dandruff? Just noticed some flakey bits in his hair after the shower. Should I be using dandruff shampoo or consult with gp first?


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are you sure its dandruff? gp seems extreme to me. How often is he washing his hair?

Daily! Very active sweaty boy, so showers daily. Not sure what else it could be?

 My son had this, too. It could be dry skin from over-washing. Try doing a conditioning treatment then washing every other day. He can rinse it out if it's that nasty from boy stuff. Also, even short hair should be brushed, the flakes can also be caused by oil accumulated at the scalp.
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 Thank you so much for your advice 👍🏻
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 Try using baby shampoo
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 I agree a gentle shampoo. If he's scratching it, even in his sleep, a regular shampoo will burn and a dandruff shampoo will feel like hot lava.
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Daily wash is probably not going to help. I'd cut back the hair washing to every second day. And try an anti dandruff shampoo. If that doesn't work it likely isn't dandruff but another skin condition like dermatitis. And if that doesn't work, then yep take him to your gp.

 Ok thanks for the tips ill give it a go!
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