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How would you feel if you came home from holiday and your in laws cleaned your pantry Personal items Looked at your bank statement Re arranged your furniture


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Fu****g relieved tbh. The furniture would kind of annoy me but the organising the pantryand shit, f**k yeah.
Plus, my FIL is a qualified accountant, so he'd probably set all our finances in order too. Yay.

 Ha I’m the other positive comment
I agree I’d overlook it cos my pantry was clean

Plus if she moved my furtniture she would have cleaned underneath... so easy enough to move back and now it’s clean lol

The financials, I’m a pretty honest person, there’s nothing that would surprise them lol, nothing to hide nothing to mind.

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Depends on your relationship with them, and whether they are supportive and caring types, or interferers. Parents can't help being nosy, especially MILS. Their kids are their kids however old they are.
My MIL always used to clean my oven, every visit, because she knew I hated doing it. I was always so grateful for that. And she would clean areas that she knew I neglected, like behind and under furniture.
They stayed twice a year for about a fortnight.
We were always very open about our finances, so didn't worry if they snooped, but I don't think they ever did.

 I have a self cleaning oven
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Well you left them access to your house while you were away

 Just cause they have a key doesn’t mean they can snoop
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NEct time kick up your financials. Put the furniture back if you don’t like it. Mess up your pantry again

Bank statements I would be livid, anything else meh who cares

Sour grapes... try and see the positive side! Wicked would love it actually! Maybe I’ll book a holiday and give my in laws my keys... 🤔😃

 I agree. I long for the day someone comes and helps clean my house up
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Confused and suspicious because my inlaws wouldn't budge a finger for anyone unless it directly benefits them.
Mil won't even get a licence because "then people would ask me for lifts" so she's just the one constantly asking everyone to drive her to places