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Does anyone else get bad headaches around the time of your period?

Doctor advised me to skip my period 2 times using the pill so I don’t get headaches every month. But I still get them so bad. Hate having to use pain medication for a week every month. How do you deal with it?


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First thing. Stop the pill.

I get hormonal migraines and the pill made then 50 times worse.

It took me many doctors and many years to work that out. Straight away they weren't as bad.

Talk to your doctor or a different doctor about different contraception.
I went on the implanon rod and. Now many years later I'm on my second IUD.
although I still get occasional hormonal migraines, they aren't anywhere near as bad/long lasting as before

I did get them extremely bad when I had huge hormonal imbalances ... I also found out later I had pcos, as for your fixture suggesting you take the pill to skip periods is HORRIBLE stupid advice because it’s not in your best interests long term.

I take a medication called Sumitripan. It works well but only treats the symptoms, not the reason causing the migraines (usually drop in hormones as your period comes). Welcome any advice others can give too

I use an ice pack on my forehead and try to get the temples too. I alternate between the forehead and the back of my neck, and sometimes my feet. This gives the nervous system a wake up and reduces the swelling of the nerve that is producing the migraine/headache. Cold water on the head too. Sometimes I don’t bother washing my hair when I do get an attack, and just let the water run through to my head. With winter coming, you have to make it a quickish one so as not to get sicker. Doing these things and lying down, including taking a panadol and nurofen, help to get rid of it, for me, overnight. I am a bad migraine sufferer. Wishing you all the best.

Yes all the times. Migraine last for up to a week. Sooo painful and my eyes are so sore. When I feel it starting I try and go for a back neck shoulder massage and then come home and sleep for a bit. I find if I do that I can knock it on the head quick. If I cant get the massage I suffer for the week. I also use heat packs on my head, forehead and shoulders.

 Thankyou for your tips. I find a massage helps but I can’t afford one every month. I rely on painkillers but they only take the edge off. I have a headache the whole week. Twice I’ve been out when the headache started and didn’t take a painkiller on time and my headache turned into a migraine. I have pills with me at all times now but wish I didn’t have to rely on them.
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