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Do you think where you live influences your wardrobe?

I just moved to a small country town. All my life my style has generally been put together and polished, and always in heels. As I put my clothes away I thought I might not fit in here and that could be a problem as we would like to make friends and fit in here. I feel like I need to dress daggy and not in heels like a lot of the people here. so should I change? I know I would be unhappy in one sense, about my appearance but happy I would be fitting in.


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Are you kidding I'd be ecstatic if I never had to wear heels again. Torture devices.

Well yeah, I moved from the city to a coastal beach town - part of dressing well is dressing appropriately.

When I moved I did change I was more relaxed with my clothing and then really really enjoyed getting glam for the races !

Yeah i dress for my location usually. I moved from a smaller city to a big one and I'm so happy i can dress up and be polished now without the sideways glances, like you i feel better when I'm in heels. For awhile whenever i went home to visit family i would resort back to boring but i don't now. However thats just a visit, if i lived there again I'd go back to more casual.

In saying that you dont have to be daggy, well fitting jeans and stylish flats are nice and i wouldn't give up your hair and makeup looks if you like them. Older ladies in small towns always dressed nicely to go "into town" bring that back! The older generations at least would appreciate it.

I moved to a small mining town and I didn't change my dress but always loved to dress up / look nice. I just dressed appropriately for the event. At work I still dressed professionally/nicely and wore heels, glammed up for races, dressed up nicely for our dancing /boozy nights out at the pub. If I was going to the footy I still dressed in my style, just with flats etc. but I wasn't in boardies and flip flops. Always had hair done nicely, less make up during the day. There will be the dead shits everywhere that look down on you without getting to know you - I moved to Brisbane and it's such a daggy place,. The nice genuine people complimented / embraced me. I think there were some posh wives of farmers that thought I was a bit 'tizzy' for their taste...but I didn't really give a shit. I wasn't trolling around with my tits out etc. Dressy but elegant and it was fine.

No don’t change. If it is a natural progression over time do it! But I’m sure if you are kind, friendly and lovely ppl will like you no matter whether you wear heels or uggs ☺️ Goodluck!

No you shouldn’t change. Be yourself, and wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident

I live in a small country town, no heels on any lady here at all.
Casual thongs all day.

Not all rural towns are daggy - you'd be suprised by some of the smaller towns. Sometimes I found I dressed better in a small town for simple things like going to the shops...because everyone knew you. Now I live in the city, I shudder at myself sometimes when I sneak out for a quick dash and grab at the supermarket lol shame shame shame

Yes. I lived in a really rough town where going to the local supermarket wearing pyjama pants was completely acceptable and actually really common. I moved town. On a lazy weekend night in the new town, i got out of my car in my pj pants to pop quickly into a 24hr servo. I think people thought I was either on crack, a homeless person or I'd escaped from the hospital!! Leggings or shorts with uggs are cool here, but not so much your pjs! Go figure 😂

I think it does. When I go to my local shops I can dress casual and would even fit in being daggy. But if I venture out a bit to a big store a couple of suburbs over, I feel I always have to dress nice. Just go with what makes you feel comfortable.

Just wear what’s comfortable for you. I love the school where my kids go to everyone dressed down. I use to get changed before pick up before long I realised I can wear my home clothes out, it’s the greatest!

I think it does, I have lived in cities and small towns and have dressed differently to suit where I am. It feels weird getting dressed up and hair nice just to go to the supermarket because that is literally all there is to do. You don't get to walk around a huge shopping centre with other people who are dressed nicely. Small towns are great for the relaxed feel, it won't be long until you're putting the heels away by choice!

I recall moving to a country town in when knee high boots were a new thing and I was quickly labelled a s**t in ‘f**k me boots’
Look around now and they are normal everyday wear!
Your only problem will be where to go shopping, plan shopping weekends away now!