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Daycare teacher presents

This is my first year aaa daycare mum and my kids have two main teachers and about 5 that looks after them outside in the play area in rotation. What’s the right thing to do with Christmas presents? I’ve been following other threads on here about teachers not liking chocolates or cheap candles or anything like that so I thought a voucher but $50 for 7 people is a lot of
Money 😳 tia


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Handmade soap is usually nice. I bought reusable shopping bags that fit inside your handbag. Always handy especially in SA where they dont give out free plastic bags at supermarket

 It's a nice thought but not a lot of people use them I confess to soap sitting there collecting dust as I don't use soap
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For my son there is 2 main teachers, 2 assistants and a volunteer (older lady that comes and plays afew days a week) i am getting them a bottle of champagne each. I dont drink it so i dont know what to buy tbh but im thinking around $35 a bottle. Is that decent? Otherwise a pedicure spa voucher is $32 each. My teacher group are all good friends. I usually see them every weekend having coffee together. $50 is alot for that many people though.

 $35 is not likely to be 'champagne' it is bubbles. Real champagne should be at least $50 on special
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 F**k you lot are nicer than me. I spend $10 on each carer. Maybe I'm just poor hahaha
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 Is bubbles still nice? I honestly dont drink any wine, champas or bubbles. I drink bourbon and coke lol. Any brands you would suggest at all?
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OP What do you buy for $10 please?

Bourbon & coke is my 20s! Love it 😊
I don’t drink a lot of champagne but you can get beautiful Marlborough wines for 25-35 dollars.

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 I spend $10 per teacher. This year i bought 100g tubes of Crabtree Evelyn handcreams on special. I then get my child to write what they liked the best about having that person as a teacher that year. Next year i am giving succulents planted in glass jars. I have a whole year to save the lovely glass jars that i buy with jam in them. My garden is full of different succulents. 10kg potting mix is $7 and some colored rocks for 1kg is $8. I plan to make around 10 succulent jars for their desks. I would never spend much on the teacher's....because i am one myself and i only want to know your child enjoyed the year with me. Not an expensive gift. $35 is ridiculous. Lots of stuff can be made or bought off gum tree and upcycled at a very very cheap cost.
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 By the way, if you wanted to do my idea, but not have succulents...easy, find someone who does and ask for a few cuttings of a common succulent, pull leaves off and sit on top of daughter. Watch grow...water every few days in the heat. Or find a jade plant and take cuttings (they will grow like wild fire) push into dirt. The jars do not need drainage holes. Cant get jars...hit up an old opshpp and buy some funky and cheap containers or mugs. Dirt goes in, succulent on top and the colored rocks around. Less than a few dollars each.
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 You grow your succulants ontop of your daughter??? 😂😂
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 Damn autocorrect. I meant "dirt"
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Thank you all for the replies. All so helpful for now and later down the track as both my kids are starting school next year!

Could you get your child to make a card, maybe add a $10 voucher for coffee or something. When I worked in child care I would get about 20 boxes of chocolate each Christmas. My favourite gift was a handmade card with a memory the child had of playing with me.

OP This is sounding so good thank you. There’s a coffee shop nearby. I’ll pop over and see if they do vouchers!

Thank you xx

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Is buying teachers presents a new thing or always been around? When I went to school we never got the teachers anything (1993-2004). Just curious :-)

 I'm older than you and I always got my primary school teachers gifts and so did a lot of my peers. Certainly not a new thing, although it use to be more of a token gift.
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My child makes beautiful little magnets. Add a tag with a meaningful message. Always got really good feedback on them brightening their day

Buy a pot plant and add a little tag saying "Thanks for helping me Grow" usually sell succulents cheap.

Get them a nice Xmas decoration.

But a cheap Xmas tree and tie scratches to it.

....personally I don't spend a lot on teachers Christmas/ thank you gifts and the teachers that I know certainly don't expect gifts.

That seems a lot to spend. I would get an Oxfam unwrapped card for each of them you can get lots of different ones for under $20 Maybe add a voucher or something to the main teachers ones