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I want a tattoo of my husband's name but want something else around it so it isn't just a boring name. I am getting it on my lower back just above where my pants sit. What should I get around it to make it nicer than just a name?


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I would be wary of getting a tattoo of your husband's name. Not saying you will, but what happens if you split up? My rule of thumb when it comes to name tattoos is I only get my blood family members names tattooed, my kids and parents. You cant change blood.

 ^I agree. Im now stuck with a tattoo I keep covered now. I'm just lucky no one notices it but I know its there and its a constant reminder of what happened.
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Yep - that'd be a tramp stamp! Trust me - I have one (not of a name though) circa about 1998, and although I don't spend my days regretting it, probably cos I don't see it most of the time, it is not the best look! If you're determined to get a name tattoo, or any tattoo, do a lot of research about style, placement etc, and most importantly find a really great, experienced tattooist and look at photos of their work, before having the tatt done.

You are seriously getting your husband's name as a tramp stamp tattoo? No just no. If you really want his name try his nane like a vine with flowers up your calf

What about getting the wedding bells with his name and your anni written across them? A friend has something like that across her back/shoulders.

I have hubby's initials on my ring finger. He has mine. When we wear our rings you can't see them at all. But since we both only wear them when we dress up and he can't wear his at work for safety reasons, we went with this on our 5th anni.