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30th birthday advice - what would be your perfect 30th birthday?

I can’t decjde if we go away on a family holiday (qld, Fiji, Hawaii) or go out for a really expensive dinner just hubby and I or if we go with our families or choose a function room to invite friends to.. what would you do??


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Depends how old the kids are.
If they are older 5yrs+ I would highly recommend a family cruise and invite grandparents and other family.
Can pick up cruises quite cheap when buying at the right time.

If kids are younger - if you want to have a small family gathering or if family can help for you to have a romantic weekend away and look after the kids.

If money is an issue maybe just have a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant and maybe a night away?

I organized my own birthday at least I wasn’t going to be disappointed

 Thanks! Good advice. I think I’ll be organising my own. And kids are under 5 so will probably be a nice dinner or night away!
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My dream was always going to be a cruise for my 30th birthday! I don't even care if it's just a weekend or even where it goes!

..... 35..... Still waiting 😂 😂 😂 😭😭😭

 Oh damn :( maybe for your 40th book it in now even if you have to yourself!! I’m the op of this comment and I think nothing wil get booked for me so I might have to take this into my own hands..
saw at the travel agent the other day as I walked past; book now pay later no interest repayments... hmmm could give that a go!?!

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I'm currently organising my 30th too! We've decided on family holiday. I think that would be the most enjoyable, exciting and special.