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Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph - Question

Answered 1 year ago

I've been reading Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph, which was recommended to me. He has a section about hygiene for boys who haven't been circumcised. He says they should be shown "how to pull the foreskin back when having a wee so as to keep urine from staying underneath it".

I had no idea about this. I know my 6 year old doesn't do it, and I don't even know if he can.

For those of you with boys, have you taught them do this?

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1 year ago
Absolutely have taught my son to do this. He is also quite particular, and doesn't like it feeling damp, so will dry it after weeing.
I dated a man years ago who had never been taught this, he smelt like a urinal that had never been cleaned... I didn't go on many dates 🀒

1 year ago
SAHD here. If he can't pull his foreskin back then it shouldn't be long before he is able. Maybe Google at what age it should be possible because I'd think most boys would be able to by the time they're six.
As soon as he's able he should start pulling it back to wash underneath, too. My parents taught my brothers and I to wash under our foreskins.
I always used to pull back my foreskin to urinate because the aim could be much straighter and it avoided wee getting trapped underneath and becoming a bit unpleasant.
I got circumcised in my 20s, so it's no longer a requirement for me :-)

1 year ago
I have 2 uncircumcised boys 6 and 4. I haven't heard of this. I have taught them how to pull the foreskin and clean in the shower though. Curious about what other have to say