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For those who use a 0-4 car seat from birth at what age did your baby reach the first marker where you have the option of turning them ff

Please note no negative comments I will be rf as long as possible but as a new mum it is something I genuinely would like to know


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My first was around 1 maybe a bit over but a huge baby so was a bit cruel to leave rear facing even though it’s safer. Second I think we got to 15 or 18 months and then turned as this baby HATED car travel so couldn’t wait any longer and was over the markers mind you..

 My grandson is a long baby. It’s up to the parents or carer of the child he cried face ing backwards kicking his legs off the seat so we decided to place his car seat forwards he’s safe & loves going in the car used to fight & scream we decided his legs were not comfortable kicking the seat. Now he takes our hand to just go out in the car looking out. Ppl should mind there own business let parents know wat there children want & need
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My first at about 10 months, second and third at about 9 months but my 4th, and now 11 month old is still tiny so still rear facing with no imminent plans to turn him around anytime soon. Depends on the baby, their size, neck control, if they're happy rear facing or in my 3rd baby's instance hated the car so had to flip to forward facing before I would have preferred as it was safer to forward face than to drive with the screaming

 And sorry to answer your question... My first 2 (were big babies) and reached the makers where we COULD turn them at about 5/6 months, my 3rd around 7 months and my 4th at around 9 months but still below where we HAVE TO turn
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It's not about age, it's about size. And what's safest for them based on their size.
My thumpers were about 6-7 months. No need to rush.

My first at about 1.5 was swapped to ff. My 2nd at 7 months.

We could have swapped our first a little earlier (maybe 1) but he seemed comfy and fine so we left him in a little longer purely for safety. By 1.5yrs he was so tall (massive growth spurt) that it became uncomfortable for him to be rear facing.

My 2nd child got really badly car sick rear facing and just kept vomiting. We swapped him at 7 months to ff the moment that he reached the marker and he stopped getting car sick completely.

It's recommended to leave them rear facing until at least 2 years old due to how they impact in accidents. My toddler is just over two and was recently changed to face forward.

 She already said she will RF for as long as possible.
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 I never once said I was changing them to Ff and would rf as long as possible, I clearly stated I was interested to know when your child reached the marker where they could potentially ff
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