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Does anyone elses kids struggle at school?

Answered 12 months ago

2 boys in Prep and 1. I feel like they just aren't interested in 'learning' all of the sight words, reading etc. They just struggle and after a a year, and two years in school for the eldest, feel like they know not very much and niggly dilemmas and clashes with some peers. It's all getting me down.

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12 months ago
Neither of my kids are academic and they have always struggled at school. Sight words and reading was a big Struggle in prep and kindy. I didn’t think they would ever get it. I was extremely worried. But they did.

They are in year 2 and year 4 now and can read without any concern. Just keep on plugging away without too much push, and a lot of positive encouragement. They will get it. If they are making progress then they are going in the right direction. In year 2 my son was reading at kindy level (2 years behind), now he’s in year 4 and he has caught up.

12 months ago
Yes my daughter has dyslexia and it’s a battle to get her to learn.

Is there possible underlining issues?
Also remeber not all kids are built for the system .


12 months ago
Yeah learning difficulties with the eldest but no diagnosis, he was born very early. Could be in Year 2 but we held him back but I'm sure he is only at Prep level.