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Tips for hair removal downstairs

I don't really put much effort into taking care of myself, and hubby is happy with me the way I am. But he wants to spice things up a little, and suggested that I go bare.
Last week I tried hair removal cream for the majority and shaving where the cream shouldn't be used. I can't say it turned out very well.
any advice on making things look good? I don't want to rashes or ingrown hairs, and I'd be too embarrassed to go see a professional.


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Answered by SAHM Staff

Hi OP - here's some info for you!

I just trim what I can with little scissors, and sometimes use an electric shaver to make it shorter, but never all gone as I get terrible ingrowns. Hubby is fine with whatever I do or don't do lol.

Use baby oil and a razor. It will be like a wax but without the ouch factor, get some Ingrow Go (nair makes one) and apply it about 2 days after you shaved to prevent ingrown hairs. Wait about a week before you shave again.

Put some nair on your anus seems like everyone else does it