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What to do if you find out ex husband is continually borrowing money from your teenage son?

My ex was abusive to me. We separated many years ago. My son thinks the world of him still and my ex is so charming and manipulative he can easily sway people. My son has mental health issues and on the spectrum too. He often borrows money and owed up to $4000 that I knew of. Recently I found out he made my son get a personal loan in his name and give money to dad. Then asked for a few grand more. Then in last week another $1500. My son is vulnerable easily coerced. I know this is financial abuse but I don't know where to turn for help. And my son is an adult so I don't know what's in my power to do? He has lost his job now due to corona virus and unemployed. I don't think this will ever stop unless I find a way to make it stop


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OP, ignore the shameless sows on here!!
What a terrible situation!
There's a lot of info on elder abuse - perhaps follow that trail to see if there's any help for you.
Also try St Vincent de Paul for financial advice for your son.
Also make a phone call to Legal Aid regarding safe guarding your son's livelihood. Perhaps they can assist with appointing you as a trustee or something similar. Like an enduring power of attorney.
In the immediate future though- ring your husband and record the conversation. Get proof of what's happened and tell him to back the fk off your son.
Good luck!

OP Thanks so much x
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 You are an amazing mum to love and care and stay staunch for your son!!
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I agree with the responder who said talk to Legal Aid.

You could also talk to the police, because I suspect that financial exploitation of younger people would be treated the same as elder abuse. And the perpetrators can be charged.

It may be possible to have the loans he was persuaded, or bullied to take out, cancelled through legal means.

Also, his credit for loans may be able to be blocked, same as you can do to protect from scammers.

You do need to get power of attorney over him, because that may be something his manipulative father might try to do if he can no longer successfully bully him into taking out loans.

I agree, try to get power of attorney it’s the only way we were able to stop my grandmothers brother financial abuse of her. He completely emptied her savings and jewellery until we got power of attorney.