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Am I in the wrong?

Answered 8 days ago

Hubby and I are now not speaking. I was serving up dinner and he disappeared. I called out 3 times for him/that dinner was ready - he'd literally just walked past me, so I thought I was just being ignored or he'd gone outside somewhere (note we live on 10 acres, so he could have been anywhere). I rang his ph, but it was in the bench. I was getting shitty coz dinner was going cold while I searched for him and he'd seen I was serving up. He eventually came inside with a basket of washing and I just automatically reacted and said "NOOOOOO!". I'd only hung the washing out an hour earlier (yes it's hot here, but it was in the shade on the verandah). I knew it wasn't (all) dry, maybe some lighter things but not waist bands and period undies and hoods on jumpers etc. I'd planned to leave it overnight. He cracked it and said he was just trying to help, I said sometimes helping isn't helping. I now have to go through 4 loads of washing, figure out what's dry and what's still damp and hang it out again. He's created a heap more work for me! We've been married 20 years and he's brought washing in about 5 times. He's now not talking to me. He cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, but the dishwasher needs unpacking - instead of doing that, which would actually be helpful, all the dishes are stacked on the sink. I think I'm also just kind of disappointed over Xmas so more short fused with him, plus I'm on my period. He asked what I wanted for Xmas, I told him (Ive been saying what I want for a year), he kept basically telling me I didn't want it or wouldn't use it, so I have up and told him other stuff. Didn't get any of that, got a bunch of stuff (that I know he got at the last minute) I didn't want/won't use including a blower for outside. Just pisses me off that after all these years he can't even get me something I want. For mother's Day he got me a camping BBQ plate, which him and my son put together, he cooked on once. What about me??! I got him an AWESOME Xmas present.

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8 days ago
Sounds like communication needs to be worked on. Telling him exactly what needs to be done, and then listening. I think he is trying, but struggling to obviously to what you want. My husband is hopeless at gift giving too, so I take a screenshot of exactly what I want and say explicitly that is what I am after. If you have done the same suggest you set a limit and you each buy your own gifts at Christmas time? Might be a better option and you get what you want every time!
Talking to him about this is obviously the best idea, it always helps my husband and I when these things happen

20 days ago
Yep sounds like marriage.