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Are my kids ready to be in undies at night? Do you do a night wee with them?

4 and 7 , both deep sleepers.
We’ve been on off for 4 months out of nappies. They did amazing for 3 months and had to go back in them when we ran out of water.
We are no nappies again, with 80% success. 100% if I take them to the toilet at 10pm. They are asleep through it basically.
The other night I got the to the toilet but later and both had wet (I think it was 10:30?)
I now do night bed sheets disposable, and have a small cot sheet side to side to minamise my washing...
But the dry night sheets are expensive! Kmart doesn’t seem to sell them anymore.
But then both can have dry spells.
Is it worth it or are they not ready yet?


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Is it such a problem to take them for a 10pm wee? You had probably trained them to wee at 10 and that is why they were wet when you checked them at 10.30. Have you tried no liquids after a set time? What not just keep taking them to toilet at 10?

OP Thanks no I just started that (the last 2 weeks) they were doing really well till winter hit then they both wet for about 5 nights straight , and we had to go in nappies again because they were getting too tired, ending up in our bed again when they hadn’t wet, and we didn’t have much water for the constant washing of sheets. And just plain run out of sheets they were drying in time cos it was too cold.

I haven’t tried limiting liquid consciously but they really don’t drink after dinner anyways.

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OP Oh and I’m usually asleep by 8/8:30 so that’s the issue there haH
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 Maybe try an extra blanket on the bed, or a singlet under pjs? I find being cold makes you want to wee!
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OP I don’t know if they are necessarily cold IN the bed. They are all rugged up typically, I was thinking it could have been the “snugness or being so warm (like the hand in warm water thing?
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My little one just turned 4 and she doesn’t wear pull ups overnight. She woke up one day and said she didn’t want them anymore. I wouldn’t be too concerned with your 4 year old wearing pull ups though - I think they are common at that age. I’d be working on moving your 7 year old out of them in a gentle way. I think by 7yrs they should be out of them if there is no medical issue.

Get a waterproof mattress cover from a Manchester store. I know write a few boys who were still in pull ups until 8. Are your kids boys or girls

OP Girls...
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Id say not ready yet, my almost 5 year old is still wearing a night nappy, she was otherwise toilet trained before 2 years old, but she still wakes up with a full nappy now (my other kids were out of night nappies a few months after toilet training). In my experience you leave them in a night nappy until they have about 3/4 nights in a row where they wake up with a dry nappy, then is the time to transition to no night nappy.

My almost 5 year old is tiny for age and i think this has impacted this situation, she is the size of a two year old so i guess her bladder is still too tiny to train, your kids maybe the same.

OP They easily have 4/5 nights dry.

Before winter they were going weeks without wetting the bed.
Now it was about once a week, maybe twice.
But since I started waking them there has been 0 accidents.
Tbf the night they wet before 10, they were early to bed (6) had had a massive 5 nights so we’re extra tired and told me they went to the toilet but I don’t think they did. As they did a big wee before dinner so I don’t think there was anything to wee at that point.

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Get a referral for your 7 year old. An Eneuresis professional will help. Contact your local child health centre or closest medical professional for a referral.

OP Iv considered taking her I just thought I’d wait til she was 8 after we’ve really tried to do no nappies.
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 Please don’t medicate unless really necessary. Ur messing with their hormones. It’s common for them to be older. My go said he wouldn’t worry about bed wetting till 10-12. I knew a guy that did it once a week till he was 16. He says he just never felt it
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OP Yes I agree, I would avoid medication as most I can hence why I haven’t and won’t take her to the doctor anytime soon as I wouldn’t use any medication provided.
I do beleive they will get there, I mean they are close
I guess I was more wondering if it could be me holding them back (by going back in nappies when there was a big run of it)
Or taking them to the toilet at 9:30/10.

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I’ll add the were in day undies by 16 and 20 months. Not sure if that makes a difference?! They are both heavy sleepers.

 Mine were/are the same. Day undies before 2 but night time 2 of mine were just before 7 and one 4. Very deep sleepers . I’m going through it now. For over a month I was waking up and taking them to the toilet now I let them go. There is an accident weekly so not too bad now. I have a waterproof mattress protector on the bed then a sheet on top followed by a Brolly sheet over that. It goes across the bed and is a lifesaver if they wet the bed I just change them take the brolly off and the sheets are dry. Also a lot easier to just wash the brolly and dry it rather than strip the whole bed
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 Def keep going tho if they have already started esp with the older one. They will be at an age soon where they will be going on school camps etc
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OP Thanks iv heard of brolly sheets. Might finally make the jump and invest in them

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 You should it might look expensive but it works out if you calculate washing all the bed linen and buying those disposable pads all the time. Really is a lifesaver in the middle of the nite just take it off and their bed is ready to go. I think I paid 50-60 for a quilted one from Adair’s years ago they don’t sell them anymore. Big W have a terry towelling one for $29. Google brolly sheets they’re great quality and worth it. lot quicker to dry as well. In winter now I stick it over the heater , gas, and it’s dry super fast
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Hey OP. Going through the same thing. Hit and miss!

I buy the Kmart puppy pads ... $9 (I think) for 100 sheets and put them under the sheets. She just wets one puppy pad sheet, so I can strip that out and put a new sheet over as she puts on new undies.

All the best!

I have a mate that had a 3 year old that didn't wet their bed at all at night. And the 5 year old still trying (like my bub). She was nearing 6 and all of a sudden no wetting!

Sometimes it's up to the kid but if you are concerned, you can always take them to the Dr to discuss.

OP Oh that sounds much cheaper option!!! Thankyou.
I’m avoiding the doctor till it’s a serious issue as if the were to give her medication I wouldn’t be giving it now anyways. So I was going to try and sort it out before going down that route
My 4 year old is definatly the more ready. Truth she probably could have come out at 2 but my then 5 year old wasn’t at all ready and it just would have been drama but I think I missed the “window” a bit. But she’s definatly the more reliable one still.

Iv also heard kids can wet more in winter?
And they were fine right until the first week of cold, so wondering if that’s effecting them?

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 I thought this too and I reckon there is a theory. My daughter wore her undies to bed for a week and wet her bed every night. I decided to put her in her warm pjs and she has an accident maybe 1-2 week now. She doesnt want to wear the pjs but I didnt want to clean up every night.
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 Yes cold def is a factor. They almost lose a bit of their ability to sense it
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