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Do you ask your partner before you redecorate or rearrange furniture in a spare room?

I'm not talking full on renovate, I mean a coat of paint and some actual furniture (it is currently empty). He chose the colours and furniture for the living and dining areas, I'd like to do this room and surprise him. He has difficulty finishing projects when he starts them, and I've got about a week before he comes home (he's currently away on business). So I'd be hauling ass to do the job. But is it unreasonable to want to surprise him and not consult him first?


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I'd kind of run it by him very vaguely, without telling him that you are planning on doing it before he's back. Something like: I was thinking about that empty room and when we get round to it, I saw a really nice grey color I think would look great on the walls. And I'd love to have a sun bed in there (or whatever)
Then gauge his reaction. If he says he'll think about it later because he has a different idea and wants to plan it together, then he might be annoyed if you go ahead and do it without consulting him, but if he seems like he's happy with whatever you decide then I think you'd be safe to do what you want and surprise him with a finished room.

I am really into interior design and decorating, I just do my thing and sometimes ask for help with big projects or handyman type stuff. I don't do it secretly though, I do tell him my plans and ask for his opinion now and then but he remains diplomatic "whatever you think babe", "that sounds great" and I know he only pretends to listen out of love.. his eyes glaze over a bit.. Like mine do when he talks about what he's doing with his 4wd 😂

My MIL wears the pants in her relationship
She tried to decorate our house slowly
People in their 30’s don’t want plastic Lillie flowers that belong in a fish pond on their tv cabinet
MIL cried when we posted it back we weren’t going to put Lillies away and bring out when she visits

Totally depends on your husband. Is he the kind of guy that wants input, will he like what you do? Does he like to be in control of things? Will he want to help?
I would just do it if I knew my husband didn't want input, care what the room looked or we had discussed what the plans were for the room

Mine doesn't give a shit how I decorate or arrange stuff. So long as he can find the beer and the tv remote 😂. He'll hell with the really heavy stuff and tell me what he thinks would look alright, but I do most of it myself.

 You married a loser
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 Why cause I married a man who doesn't care how the house is decorated and let's me do it how I want because he knows it makes me happy. Yup real loser there hey 😂
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I find it odd that your husband wants to decorate.

 I don't.
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 Why is it odd? He lives in the house too
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 He’s gay
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 Thats childish
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 Yeah ok dad
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If you're paying for it and doing it yourself. No worries but if its a credit card or he's paying NO WAY!

My partner doesn’t care how I decorate the house. He will help me rearrange things because I can’t move most of our stuff on my own but other than that I could change everything in the house and he wouldn’t care as long as I liked it 🙂
We don’t own yet but painting or anything like that I would definitely run by him because it’s his house too.

My husband is pretty lazy when it comes to that sort of thing so he’d be stoked if I just went ahead and did something. Saves him a job.

I'd do it, I've done it before. Not in this house, but our previous one I painted a couple walls and rearranged furniture and did some decorating in the living/dining rooms while hubby was away. He was surprised but didn't mind.