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Annoying noises

Have you noticed some noises annoy you mourn now ?
I can’t now stand my hubby stuffing his face with potato chips


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I've never been able to stand my husband eating anything. He makes marshmallows sound like he's chewing gravel. It drives me fucken crazy

 Same. Oh my god, it gives me an aneurism just thinking about him eating..i try not to be moody and cranky but i honestly just can’t. I have read somewhere there is a diagnosis for it..probably more common with women?
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The sound of anyone talking to me atm.
Sorry but 4 weeks and I have gone out only for essentials 5 times max and Im over a it. People arent social distancing, t hey arent adhering to rules and all us doing the right thing will penalised more in the long term.

 People are definitely social distancing where I am.
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I have discovered my 10 year old is a constant hummer. He hums to himself as he does his school work and when he is playing games. I’ve heard him before all this started but we were busy and out of the house so it wasn’t all the time. Now it is all day long. We just call him out if it gets to be too much.

 My son makes random trumpet noises. Apparently his dad did it too when he was a kid. By the way, not young kids, 15 years old.
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 My son beat boxes. Face palm
He's not too bad at it but the constant boom pishhh is pishhing me off

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My husband is what I call an aggressive eater, he chews hard and fast. I had to leave the room this morning while he ate cereal for breakfast, I couldn't deal with it!!