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Just curious - how are all you peoole having affairs managing with all the restrictions?

I know it seems like a weird question, but I'm genuinely curious. No, im not having an affair, but my husband had a long term affair with someone at work (thats way in the past now and we have moved on). And i think about all the reasons and excuses he used to use and he wouldn't be able to use any of them now. With most people working from home, sports cancelled, everything closed, partners and kids at home etc what do you actually do now?


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Interesting topic! I guess they’d probably be on their phones constantly. Maybe spending more time in the toilet so they can text in private. Haha sucked in to them not being able to get their fix.

We work together so we just still catch up 🤷‍♀️
I don’t catch up with other friends but cos I work in close quarters with about 20 staff in emergency services, I literally just say I’m catching up with mates from work

I was wondering this myself the other day. Seeing as a lot of people will be "trapped" in isolation together!
It's sad really

It’s been challenging but still doable. We have had to cut back a bit including msgs. Last night I said I was dropping off supplies to a friends house. I would never usually use friends or family as an alibi so that was risky. I’ve also had to bring the dog on one of our catchups. My affair partner is still working so that has made things a bit easier on his end.