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I love my new Tradies ladys undies. They are so comfortable. What's your favourite brand?


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I like undies that cover my pube area. Annoys me when I buy undies that sit so low my pubes stick out the top and I'm not even that hairy.

Im gonna go out on a limb here. I love my granny panties. They cover everything and are sooooo comfy.

 Yep me too :) I buy full 'hold in my new mummy tummy' undies from best & less. They are lace at the front & come in lots of pretty colours & I usually get 3/$10 on sale lol.
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Brand isn't an issue as long as they are comfortable but I go with out most of the time, unless I'm wearing a dress or on my period.

No brand preference. But I have a style preference. I like boy leg or french knickers. Anything else is just not happening (except for that one week a month when the granny undies come out- damn those things are comfy!)