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So ! It’s my daughters sixteenth bday.... Ideas??? Please Her idea of a 🎉 party has to involve alcohol... OMG teens Suggestions any Mums??


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At my 16th birthday there was a lot of pressure to have alcohol, from my friends at the time. I wasn't very big on drinking though but didn't want to get paid out on. So my mum (the brilliant genius she is) got in contact with every invitees parents and told them all that the alcohol being served was actually just lemonade with some different cordials mixed in. Then she made up a big punch bowl full of punch and actually did put a teeeny tiny bit of alcohol in it (like a quarter of a can of west coast cooler in a MASSIVE punch bowl of fruit juice) and "accidentally" let slip that someone had spiked the punch. All my guests thought they were getting wasted (and acted like dicks), and their parents were fine with it. We had those big drink dispensers with the taps on them pre loaded with the "booze" in a variety of flavours and guests were told strictly no outside drinks would be allowed in. She made up some little jelly "shots" as well. Ah my mum was so cool back then.
It worked for my party with only a few guests (16 guests for a sweet 16th). We had a theme and all, everyone came as "alternative barbie or ken". We had 3 or 4 hooker barbies, 5 pimp kens, 2 zombie barbies, and a few other bits and bobs.
Maybe that's something you could think about doing?

 That is brilliant!
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 That’s a great idea

Definitely consider something like that , as I said her idea! Not her fathers or mine...

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 I went to a 16th as well where the mum did pretty much the same thing with the punch. i
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 These days parents would tell their kids that you are full of shit, parents might have got away with this 20 years ago. You and your daughter will be the laughing stock!
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 Or you could not tell the parents until the night of and have them stay and watch the fun. Or if people are prepared to send their kids to an alcohol inclusive party anyway why even tell them. Or tell them the next day and have them breathalysed if they doubt.
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 Am I the only person on here that thinks that this is a terrible idea? I fail to see how letting kids even think they are getting drunk is a sensible and safe option.
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 I agree, bad idea. Half those kids would have brought their own and probably were drunk for real. Plus they are not stupid.
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Don't supply alcohol to minors what sort of example are you showing teenagers no alcohol or no party simple parent responsible .

Yeah, she is 16 she shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Who's the adult here?

 Pretty sure she said it was daughter’s idea of a party, not hers. I’m guessing she’s asking for help with ideas that don’t involve alcohol.
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 Agree wholeheartedly

Teenagers and the pressures they face
And what other parents are allowing blurs the lines of responsible parenting. I’m old school trust me .

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 My kids tells stories of all the kids going into the bush area at lunch for Gatorade bottle bongs.we're talking year7 -10s. We don't do drugs at home, but apparently parents are cool with their kids doing it because they are getting weed from someone.
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My friend hired a stretch hummer for her daughter's 16th birthday. It drove them to dinner and then a dessert place. They all got dressed up and had professional photos taken with the car and each other. I think there were about 8 kids invited.

I wouldn't be allowing any alcohol.

 Agree! I wouldn't pretend to either.
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I hope you are cashed up. The fines for supplying achcol underage are ridiculous. Police can breathalyse the teens and charge you if they are on your property.

Even a west coast cooler in a pinch is supplying an underage.

They will sneak shit in.

It is so sad that kids that young think they need alcohol to have a good time. When my daughter tuned 16 , she and her friends went to the city for dinner at a nice restaurant and then headed to the foreshore for some photos. They had a great time eating, talking and laughing and spending a fun night out together.

 What about doing this... changing it into a fun restaurant & limo night out or getting a v small function room that doesn’t allow underage drinking? Might help ur problem.. without u forcibly being the uncool parent
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Get her drunk and take video of her and put on you tube and put Loud music on when she wakes up

Whatever you do, don't have it at your home it'll get trashed.

My friend had a 16 year old girl die from alcohol poisoning at her house when her daughter turned 16. Not worth the risk

 Scare mongering with made up stories 😂
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 Omg that's horrible
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A friend's mum confiscated alcohol except two beers each at a 18th I went to once. You need to be careful because if you let them drink and something goes wrong you would be in a lot for trouble.