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How do you recover from a relationship breakup when you had absolutely no idea it was coming? I'm just so broken

Relationship breakup


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It will help you to recover when you realise that what you thought you had with him was not real. You thought it was real, but you were tricked. Try and go over any telltale signs in the relationship and hang onto these - by avoiding them, or noticing them earlier, you can make sure you are not fooled again. People who are unable to get over being dumped like this (as horrible as it is) are always focused on the wonderful relationship they had, how perfect they were together, how totally in love they both were. Accept it that he played you right up to the last minute and work out how you can protect yourself from being used like this in the future.

 Personally I think this a really negative way of thinking. Looking back and changing your past in a negative light will just turn you bitter. It takes time to heal let yourself grieve.
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 I agree with op. He's not who you thought he was was he? The person you believed he was wouldn't do this. He portrayed himself as someone he wasn't, he's a liar. Use that.
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I had this happen to me, everything was perfect, he was desperate for a baby, once i was 6 weeks pregnant he vanished to another state, the day before he bought me flowers, i had no idea it was coming, broke my heart, its now 10 years later and i am just about over it, but i havnt had another partner since or been on a date orr anything, some break ups are so traumatic you never get over them, you just learn to live with the pain, similar to when a death occurs in your life.

You have to let yourself grieve and look after yourself. The shock makes it awful, but it will wear off eventually. There will be something brighter around the corner x

OP here thank you for your help and kind words. I'm struggling at the moment hopefully I will start feeling myself again soon

It will get better. There are lots of people in the world go and meet them.