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Facebook photos

Is anyone has experience this?
Everytime if I post a photo of myself in facebook something bad will happen before even three days pass. Eg. I will get sick feeling, headache, fever. if it is the photo of my face, I will get at least acne or black spots all over my face. I felt like I am getting curses as much as I get "Likes", or may be jelousy feelings from others. My health and my face fine as long as I don't post any thing other than general posts. So , I removed my profile photos at all. So after months of silent, I posted a photo of mine on my profile, day before yesterday, and I got more than 100 comments..
now I am in hospital as I got cut my two fingers and one of them already out of shape.
Is this a negative or jelousy vibes coming to my way?


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That's irrational thinking you are looking for a link that doesn't exist. You need to try to break the pattern because the negative thoughts u speak of could be coming from yourself every time you post a pic then basically wait g for something bad and as soon as u get something it's 'proof' of the connections it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. What about when u get a pimple and u haven't posted a pic? How do you explain that? I'm sorry hon but I actually think it's best to talk about these feelings to your gp because this type of thinking might mean you are a bit unwell our brain gives us funny thoughts and feelings when we are under a lot of stress and the gp can arrange some help for you. Then you won't worry about stuff like this. Good luck x

Coincidence. There is no link. Unless you’re looking for one. For example, of all the people that have died this year, they all drank water in some form.

Jealousy vibes...... are you the mum all the other mums at school are jealous of?

Its certainly awfully odd.
With the spots and acne, it may be a sugar and / or fat overload in your diet (like a chocolate binge), that fires up your system with energy and enthusiasm to take and post photos, but also triggers blackheads and acne.
Cant think of anything logical to explain the rest.