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Why don’t people like Amy Schumar ?


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Because i don't appreciate that kind of humour from men so i won't from women either. Vulgar and crass behaviour is just that no matter what gender is performing it. It's not a feminist act to act the way men do, the point of feminism is to make it clear that vulgarity towards the opposite gender is not ok, not to participate in it yourself.

I find her jokes annoying and not really funny. Everyone has a different sense of humour and mine sense is just different to hers. I don't hate her for it though. I just would pay money to go see her. Nor would I judge anyone that likes her jokes.

 Wouldn't pay money i mean
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Because she crosses gender boundaries and steteotypes.
As much as women say they are equal to men they aee equally fast to collude against women who cross gender behaviour boundaries.
Refer to Anne Summers' book 'Damned Wh***s and God's Police'.
I am in the 'Damned Wh**e' category. And I dint give a shit about it either.

 Interesting theory!
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I didn't know people dont like her. I think she's hilarious!

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I really love her - I think she is hysterical!

I struggle to think of a single American comedian I do find funny tbh...

I've just watched her Netflix special and had laughter tears.... hadn't seen her before. Loved it

People said she fingered her sister when they were kids

 I think that was Lena Durnam
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Because she sucks. She isn't funny. Plays the same character over and over.

I don't hate her. I just don't find her funny. I appreciate a different style of humour than what she delivers, but each to their own.

I just think she's a try hard. She can be funny but it's like she's trying to hard to be funny. Which isn't funny to me.

I think she's funny, I only realised recently so many people hate her.

She reminds me a bit of Constance hall. I think also because she is quite crude with her jokes lots of toilet humour and she doesn't fit in with what we deem as socially acceptable in looks etc. In saying that I don't mind her movies but her comedy is not to my taste