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Sex life not what I want

Answered 11 months ago

So sex in our relationship just seems to be very one sided lately. It was all blowjobs, getting on my knees, being fucked for 15 second from behind (spooning) or hearing how he wants me to do any of that or cum on my boobs. Look I am fine with all that as long as there is some substance in between. I loved that we had a fun sex life and all I asked for was a session here and there once a week or once a fortnight even where I was a bit of a priority and my needs were taken care off. Well that hasn’t happened for about 6-8 months. The last months has gotten progressively worse where it is literally all I hear about and there is no effort at all on his part other than using me as a human masturbation device.
Thursday I reached an all time low and spoke to him about how that feels, about how it’s ruining our relationship and it’s ruining my self esteem. He agreed that it was not good but it was not intentional and that he would take that onboard and things would improve. That he only wants to make me happy and to see me so unhappy upset him and that I have never really asked for much and I am very accomodating with his needs ... that it was the least he could do.

It’s now Sunday night. There had been a lot of him saying how it’s going to be like this tonight or he will do that tonight. All he does is watch the footy in another room and by the time he comes to bed I am over it, frustrated and disappointed. I’ve kept all that to myself and said nothing. There’s been no nothing on his side and I am really quite frankly just over it. I have tried and tried. I initiate probably 50% of the time. I hardly ever say no ... blue moon stuff, almost never. I don’t complain when his attempts are somewhat brief less than anyone expected - spooning is the worst, less than 45 seconds sometimes.

I am at a point where it just seems to hard and it is coming at too much of a cost to me personally to be so available to him and so read to fulfil his needs. What to do?

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11 months ago
You have talked but that didn’t work ! How long have you been together? Sex in just one part of a relationship and the other room watching whatever is just so “I am” and pathetic in today’s world! These hippo critical males that think we are on this planet for them has got to finish! I agree that man are the superior but we are not inferior! Talk to him and try to get it out that he should not be an arrogant self important male ! Say something like this world is over self centered egotistical males that try to be so self important ?!?! But keep calm and try to respect his thoughts while putting your words and thoughts to him!? See how you go and let us know please