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How do I report a childcare?

Answered 2 years ago

Where do I phone or email to report a childcare for doing the wrong thing? Too much kids staff always on the phone

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2 years ago
If in NSW call FACS or ACEQA and suggest they do a spot check and give details of your concerns. Staff should definitely not be on phones, they should be in the staff room. What do you mean by too many kids? Ratios are as follows- 3-5y.o is 1staff for every 10 children. 2-3y.o is 1 staff for every 5 children. 0-2 is 1staff for every 4 children. A quick word to the director about your concerns could do the trick, often they get stuck in the office and aren’t aware things are sliding....

2 years ago
Complaints about childcare services (QLD)
If you have a complaint about your early childhood education and care service, talk to them first. Your issue might be resolved immediately.

If you don’t want to do this or already have, you can make a complaint through the division of Early Childhood Education and Care.

If you feel that your child is being discriminated against, contact the:

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland on 1300 130 670
Australian Human Rights Commission on 1300 656 419
Early Childhood Education and Care division.

Regional office contacts :

Notify regulatory authority :

2 years ago
Ministry of Education.