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What's your best way to stop a migraine? Mine was use asprin and a heat pack but it's really not working!


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Mersyndol and nurofen take the edge of slightly but nothing works completely, only time.
I have heard of a glass of coke working though? I've never tried it as I hate coke but may be worth a try?
Also it's best to take your tablets with something other then water, sugar helps absorb the tablet quicker?!

Sounds silly but drinking lots of pineapple juice. (No added sugar). If i drink it regularly I no longer get them.

Sit with your feet in warm/hot water with a cool pack on the back of your neck. Heat draws your blood away from your head to ease the pressure. Oh and Aspro clear.

I also have a bottle of prescribed Valium for migraines as I get alot from taking epileptic meds. If it's really bad I will take Valium and knock myself out and will wake good.

Nurofen plus or anything stronger! And sleep in a dark room with a fan blowing on me

hot pack? that would make it worse adding more heat to your head. use a cold pack, nurofen, a mixture of peppermint and lavender rubbed onto your temples and sleep.

 Heat mixed in helps me too. I sit in a very hot bath with my feet and hands in buckets of ice and ice pack on the base of my skull.
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Nurofen + coffee + migrastick. It's a peppermint oil roll on that you can get from the chemist. You roll it on your temples and base of your skull. It works really well.

my triggers are dehydration, stress, overheating and eyestrain. If I feel one coming on, lots of water and nurofen helps. Also coffee but I drink a lot of coffee anyway, some people caffeine has the opposite effect so be careful there. Lucky I have only had 2 really really bad ones.

Caffine usually helps with some type of pain reliever. I also have special glasses by Axon Optics that filter light. There is some success with acupressure.

Nurofen, an hour later panadol extra then more nurofen if u need it every 4 hours.

Myrsyndol night strength is the only over the counter medication that works for mine, then I have to lay in a dark quiet room for an hour or so.