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Do you shave your arms? Is this a normal practice that I have been neglecting to do?


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I don't think many people do. Underarms for sure, but actual forearms etc not so much

I have the hairiest arms. I wax from the elbow down 3-4 times a year. I buy professional stuff but just do it at home. Please don't shave your arms, they will get worse.

 It's a common misconception that hair grows back thicker when shaved. Google it. It just looks/feels more noticeable because it's prickly and the ends are sharper, whereas a hair that's grown again after being plucked has a slightly softer tip. But there's no difference in the amount or thickness of the hair that grows.
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I know some people that do, but not many. I do my underarms usually, legs when I can get the time and bikini area as needed (almost never).

I started doing that a couple years back because I was young and stupid, I really have hair on all parts of my body but my head 😂 I think I’m lucky though cause my hair on my forearm hasn’t grown back hairier or thicker

 Hi, well why stupid, it could have been just your preference at that time, unless there was too little hair to even bother, but maybe you meant that you felt compelled to do it because you got from it the idea that arms had to be hair free like your legs and I agree that is bad, however hairy they can be, as it already is for legs.
Only keep shaving if you actually want them smooth then, otherwise don't bother as nothing is wrong with hair as well as with shaving :). Yeah it doesn't really get thicker for you, but not really much at all in general, however long one might do it.

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 *i really hate having hair on all parts of my body but my head 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 spell check
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 Typos can happen, but ok then, if you really genuinely don't like any body hair anywhere it made sense you started shaving your arms as well, it wasn't a stupid thing to do at all. You maybe mean you find waxing more practical for them, it's uncomfier than shaving, but you have to do it much less often. It might be a bit more painful at first if you previously shaved for long, but I read that if one is constant it gets much more comfy as long as you try not to shave again after you start, except once in a while for emergencies.
But why my comments don't appear in a day?

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It really depends on personal preference, as whenever we notice unwelcome hairgrowth on a new zone of our body, the moment eventually comes to decide which method is best for use to remove it and which relative downsides we are more likely to find less annoying and getting used to it since then on ^_^. A really sensitive and personal choice.
We actually can start shaving wherever we grow unwanted hair, like we can prefer any other methods granted it's at least visible enough or it's imho not worth the effort, and it's a myth there are zones taboo to the razor, except maybe a woman's face. Let's shoot many myths around it though, hair can't get any thicker, darker or faster by just shaving once, a few times or once in a long while, but only when shaving regularly over a long time, but even then, just a little bit and to a very limited extent, if you let it fully grow back, maybe just a bit longer, but don't confuse stubble with actually thicker hair, as that's just shaved hair that keeps growing from there trying to catch back to its former full length, but lacking it's thinner component which got lost with the cut.
If you have to shave your arms every single day, your arms were already disposed to grow almost every bit as fast regardless of shaving, at most just a hint thinner, it's mostly and illusion that shaved hair grows really faster, because we can't really tell how fast unshaven and untouched hair would grow as it's already fully grown and most of it doesn't need to grow further :), but some hairs shed time by time and new ones grow back as they end their whole cycle, which isn't influnced by cuts, but if we looked closely we'd seen new tapered hair growing back, it's just hard to determine their speed among a majority of fully grown ones, unlike on shaved where we see most of them growing back from just below skin level with stubbly ends which makes them more noticeable.
Bottom line, shaving your arms is just like shaving your legs, in both cases it should be your free aesthetical choice, though thankfully the pressure is lower than for shaving your legs, so it's a even freer choice :).

I used to bleach my arm hair. Started using Nair on them. Im very self concious of my dark, hairy arms. I am cheering at winter time when I can cover them more.

While at beauty school I did it for practice. I thought it was weird and the only plus side I noticed is that your jewellery never gets caught on the little hairs. Since graduating I haven't done it though and their not really noticable

Noooooooo!!! Don't do it!!!! Like the hair on your upper thighs- if you shave it then it will grow back thicker and faster. One of my cousins same age as me has to shave her arms every single day it grows back so fast!!!!

 Not true. Google 'does shaving make hair grow back thicker' and read the answers. It's a common misconception.
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 Coz google is always right 🙄
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 Google is right in this instance. Shaving does not make hair grown thicker. It does blunten hair which is why it feels coarse when it grows back
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 Information on the internet isn't always reliable, but if you use good research skills (e.g. checking whether info is from a reputable source, seeing if multiple sources concur) you are quite likely to find a factual answer from google. Certainly I'd be more likely to trust Google than a random stranger's opinion on an anonymous forum.
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