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Messy house

My house looks like a bomb has hit it. Maybe it has. It’s not dirty just bloody messy. What’s your top tips to clean a house when you have zero motivation and sick with a Newborn. I know they are just excuses. How do I stay on top of the housework. Husband helps a little with dishes. I feel crap because if anyone was to knock on the door, I would be embarrassed to open it. Any cleaning hacks would make my day. I’m struggling!


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I got the idea from someone else on this forum - get a broom and sweep all the toys and crap in to the centre of the room and then sit and organise it all. It makes cleaning the loungeroom instantly look less overwhelming because at least the floor is clear.
Each kid has a basket in the loungeroom so their toys get thrown straight in to their basket (they're supposed to do this themselves each night so the lounge gets cleared each evening ready to be trashed from fresh the next day - lol). And then they put their toys away in the evening.

I always find if I'm feeling overwhelmed at the mess just clearing the floor and clearing the benchtop makes the biggest difference, and then it doesn't feel so daunting to do the rest.

P.s. I have a 2 year old, 5 year old and a newborn too. I went to school drop of this morning with last nights spaghetti stained on my top. Hadn't brushed my hair. The 2 year old was wearing shorts - the only clean pair of bottoms he had. His fingernails are full of dirt because I was too tired to bath him last night. We're out of clean towels. I pulled everything out of our wardrobe 4 days ago to reorganise it and most of it is still sitting on the floor. Told the accountant I'd bring our books in to her tomorrow... a week ago.
And I'm pretty sure my house is verging on unhygienic, not just messy.
Stay strong. You're doing a great job!

 I have started sweeping toys up to after reading the tip on here. The best part is the kids think the toys are being thrown out so the quickly pick them up.
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 Teehee that was me! I'm glad other people think it works too, I thought you'd all think I'm mental 🙂
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 Another mumhere, I do it too thanks to you! You're awesome!
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OP Thank you! What a great idea.

I just have the one baby so can only imagine how hectic it would be with three. You’re doing a great job too! Kids are alive and happy equals a thumbs up. It’s crazy how different I felt once I had some sleep.

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I have woken up feeling much better and ready to clean the house.Taken on your advice. Thanks 🙏

Give yourself a break. Baby hygiene stuff first, clean the toilet and then prepare one room for visitors - say the lounge room. That way if they come over they can sit in there and you don't need to feel too bad!!

OP Done! Thank you 😀
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Washing baskets everywhere! I chuck all the shoes in one, the toys in another, the dirty clothes in one, and the clean clothes in any remaining ones (I'm not a folding fan). Then take each basket and put it away (the clean clothes get put aside to go through later). F**k it feels satisfying pouring all those little toys into the toybox.
I fill the sink up with hot (and I mean HOT!) Dish water and let the plates and cutlery soak. Then while that's on I chuck a load in the machine.
In 15 minutes I've cleaned most of my house. Well, aside from vacuuming and sweeping.
I also have a good room for visitors. My kids have been taught not to go in there unless we have company. It's got nice furniture and actually unstained carpet! It's my little slice of heaven lol.

 Chuck a tea bag in the sink of dishes, it takes all the grime off
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OP Thank you. I vacuumed and tidied the lounge first in case of visitors. Unfortunately (some times) having a Newborn brings too many visitors.
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Hugs. I just had my third 10 weeks ago and it's a struggle. I just try to keep on top of the washing (not folding) and the kitchen. I have a basket I put toys in to keep it under control. when I have a bit of energy I try to get more done. Honestly some days I think it would be easier to just set fire to the house.

OP Folding is the worst. I actually told my husband that I’m not folding any clothes as it was doing my head in. Woke up to folded clothes. I think he felt sorry for me. Thank you.
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 We actually hang everything now excluding pants and pj's because we hate folding so much.
Each person has a laundry basket in their wardrobe. When I get the laundry in I take it straight to the couch and sort the clothes in to each persons pile and then take the clothes and put them straight in the baskets in the wardrobes. Then just hang them when I go in to clean the rooms.
Washing piles sorted and out of sight!

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Everything must have a home. Things that you don’t use any more either toss, sell or donate, and after that you have to maintain it.

OP Will declutter once I feel human again. Thanks 😃
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15 minute bursts of cleaning. Start with the kitchen

OP Love this. Thanks
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I backed the Ute up and threw out everything that’s not useful. Toys that don’t get played with, kitchen items that don’t get used, extra sheets and towels that just take up space, clothes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn in a year. It all went. I live in a small rental and had heaps of extra stuff I thought I needed. I cleaned out he shed too. If it doesn’t have a place it isn’t in my home. One small basket of toys in the lounge room for the toddler. A toy box in the 7 year olds room. No extras. It took ages. One space at a time, linen press one day, bookshelf the next time I felt like it, a wardrobe a week later, etc. it was hard to do but I feel better now.

Enjoy your baby and just do the simple things. Put your favourite music on, baby will love it, and that will also give you some energy to clean up ap some more 😁

OP Fantastic advice ☺️
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 Yes, music makes so much difference!
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My house is always messy to some degree. I'm not really fussed about it my husband hates it but so he ends up doing big cleans like cleaning the cupboard and on top of the fridge ect. I sometimes try to do a "put 10 things away" so when I go to the toilet I've gotta put 10 things away on the way out before I do something else.

OP That’s a good idea. I am so tired so ten things makes things manageable 😊
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My mum came to stay with me for a week and a half. She left last week. My house is spotless. So my tip is get your mum to come over lol. I'm a terrible housewife when it comes to cleaning but mind you hubby struggles to put a dish in the dishwasher. He doesn't help at all