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Do you have two weeks worth of food in your pantry?

Just asking, I always seem to carry too much food in there and now I feel really guilty even though I haven't been stockpiling.


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We live in an area that gets flooded in, so we have a cupboard that is literally never touched and stocked with 3 weeks of beans,rice,long life milk, cereal, and canned goods. We also have a section in our freezer that I always make sure is full.

But I would never stockpile in this situation, I beleive it’s incredibly selfish and sad that people have this “me and mine” mentality.
If everyone just took what they needed we wouldn’t be in this mess.

But only have to look at Christmas Day or Easter Sunday and how people stockpile of that closure lol.

We are also self sufficient and only on town electrify but have a solar system. We also have a generator.

Iv already given bags of nappies and toilet paper to my clients. I filled up a big water carton for one friend who can’t buy water and her plumbing is broken.(we are on tank so we only have so much so it was sacrificing some of “ours”)
This is a time we can behave like a community. You help where you can not just look after yourselves.
I actually am secretly looking forward to quarentine. Got some things that need attention in the house , I did buy a bunch plants and paint just incase lol. But I doubt thatS going to effect anyone lol.

Come on people, let’s be decent humans and behave like a community.

Yes, I've been buying a bit extra here & there - not taking multiples of items at once tho. I know people who have 3 freezers full & buying alternative power sources.

I'll keep buying a little more as I go. I'm concerned about behaviour during a lock down. Yesterday I saw the supermarket stripped of meat & staples & we don't even have confirmed cases yet!

My DH said yesterday, (in the words of men in black, apparently): 'A person is smart - people are stupid.'

 I have been doing the same thing over the last 2-3 weeks! After watching everything disappear when the bushfires hit then again when this started I started grabbing a few extra things here and there ..

The kids and I looked up a heap of new recipes with different ingredients that we wouldn't normally use so got to add extra things in without taking multiples and the kids have something fun to do (they love helping in the kitchen and are willing to try all the new foods cause they helped! 7 yr old will taste everything he makes with no fuss ☺️)

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I’ve got enough meat for two weeks. After that I’ll be living on baked beans and noodles. I’ll just keep heading out for fresh fruit and veggies as I need them.

Nope, that’s because the past 3 weeks we have been shopping there has been nothing left of anything, including meat. We will get by i guess, a big F*CK YOU to all the idiots hoarding every last thing on the shelves.

I always have an over stocked pantry and chest freezer (I have at least a months worth of meat/ meals)...I am relieved that I will need to only buy milk and fresh fruit/ veg for awhile.

No. I was fortunate enough to order our groceries online before coles shut that down. Its due tonight. I received the dreaded email saying 3 quarters of my order was unavailable. F**k sakes. I didn't order anything extravagant, just enough to get us by for the week. Awesome.

Yeah probably. Wouldn’t be any fancy dinners after the first week though. Mainly meat and 3 veg or pastas. We’d run out of fresh milk and fresh fruit/veg after about a week though. We have lots of frozen veg though. Fruit would be the hard one considering how much my kids eat.

We do & probably longer with canned food. My concern is how long this will go on...especially with the supermarkets talking about stopping with click and collects & deliveries it's all so unknown. I don't trust the government that's not helping.

We could stretch it but will run out of bread and fruit and veg.

I live a fair distance out of town, so my pantry is well stocked, but not from panic buying. We have a deep freezer as well. We will run out of fresh milk, bread, fruit & veg. I have long life milk, powered milk, a bread maker and pantry staples. So we should be fine. There'll be a few interesting meals!

Could probably stretch it. Don’t have that much fresh food though.

We did a quick top up yesterday & we are locked down for as long as we can.

I was worried about fruit and veggies... I bought apples and bananas today as well as veg to freeze.
A good tip from a friend, buy fresh carrots and beans (whatever your family likes) and cut them up and freeze them so you have a stash of frozen veg (none in supermarket). I bought two bags of the odd bunch carrots and have chopped them up. Nothing crazy but now I don’t have to worry about having enough fresh produce.

We definitely don’t , I am not a panic buyer, but I did start to feel the pressure when shelves where bare, but I resisted. And we hardly have friends! But I know, when push comes to shove, I will be able to ask someone, to pick up something for me if I was in a rock and a hard place. And I will be helping anyone who needs.

 Seems a little irresponsible at this stage not to have some extra food in the house.
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 It's not anyones place to judge her. One size does not fit all in this pandemic
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We can definitely do a few weeks. I've been buying a few extras. Plus we have a caravan that stays fully stocked of long life pantry items so can go to that for back up. If this virus really blows up in our area, i don't want to go tp the shops even if im allowed to. Also could have even further restrictions where only 15-20 people at a time are allowed into supermarkets. I do not want to be waiting in lines for hours to get into shop. So i go every few days while its still 'safe' to top up fresh stuff, see if i can get any of the 'hard to gets' on my list and see what frozen/long life stuff is available