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How much alcohol do you need for a wedding?

I've got 40 people coming - how much alcohol like beer and wine do I need to allow per person.....


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Go to your local liquor store they will sort it for you. I think ours said to allow 3.5 drinks per person, some will drink more, some less. We had way too much booze but were able to return any unopened items. We had 3 different beers, a red, white and sparkling wine, 1 type of cider and a bottle of each of rum, bourbon, vodka and gin. This was because we had a BYO venue.

We are putting $2000 bar tab on ours. Limiting it to on tap beers, one red, one white, softdrink and me the bride is allowed cider :p
Schooner of beer is $7, glass softdrink $3.50, bottle wine is $32.

There are 81 guests. Wedding is in 3 weeks. Both our families are drinkers. If the tab is reached they can buy their own.

It depends on if you want to supply alcohol at the wedding. We just had a bottle of red and white and a jug of beer on each table for 8 people. Once that was gone they had to buy their own.

It depends how much they drink. My wedding 10 years ago with 60 guests was at a function centre. We put I think it was $500 on the bar for beer and wine and if the limit was reached we were going to put down more $. It wasn't reached though, but it was close. No one got blind drunk, so not heaps of alcohol was consumed.

 Wow that's impressive!
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