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Have you watched my 600lb life ?

To me it’s gross and I understand the people were abused as kids. Guess what ? Other people have been and aren’t fat.
Some expect a miracle with the surgery and to lose weight before they have surgery

Who shoves big amounts of food in their gob ?


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Speaking as a morbidly obese person, it's bloody difficult. There are so many varying reasons why we are the way we are.
Sometimes it's our genetic make up
Sometimes it's an addiction
Sometimes it's medicine or a health conditions
Sometimes it's boredom
Sometimes it's depression
Sometimes it's not being able to adequately afford healthy food for yourself and family
Sometimes it's all of these things and none of it.

What I can say, for myself. Is that being morbidly obese is hard, it hurts, it's full of utter shame, because those of us who are over weight, fat, obese,, morbidly obese... WE KNOW what people think, what people say, we know people feel sorry for us, think of us as disgusting.

But obesity is a DISEASE. Some get to a breaking point where they have tried absolutely everything and nothing works and they give up.
Some like their lifestyle and are happy.

It doesn't matter. Instead of judging, maybe look at ways in which you could help because trolling doesn't do a damn thing.

 I absolutely respect how hard it is. People tray you differently when you're bigger, and its so disgusting they think they have a right to put someone down for their size.
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Im not sure why you are posting the way you have.
Some people over eat. Some people have drugs. Some exercise compulsively. Some work too much.
Some people, possibly the worst kind are those that exude nastiness, the way your post here seems to.

I watch it. Different people have different stories/ backgrounds. I get annoyed by the ones that cry their heart out saying they don’t want to die and leave their kids all alone but then refuse to follow the diet set. They think they can just get surgery and be skinny and all their problems will be fixed.