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How to shedule co parenting ?

Answered 7 months ago

How did you arrange parenting shedule ?

We got only one boy who is 10 years old and currently having a temporary plan of 72% care for me as son should be in my home for 4 nights. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 3 nights for dad It was a temporary plan until I finished my full time uni studies and go for courts after the degree. But, since November, dad is not respecting temporary plan as it's not signed yet. He is not dropping off son as promised and keeping the boy in his home minimum 4 nights telling me excuses like son is tired or sleeping or having a friends over. With that, he has reported me to centrelink telling I am a liar and not caring for son as the plan 4 nights, instead he is the one is caring for 4 nights.
Now, I had enough of this and thinking to go 50, 50 having atl least one weekend night for me. But , dad is not agree that too telling son got sports matches on weekends and he needs to take son to matches and I am having son on weekend is a disturbance for his crickets. ( Son is good at cricket and already playing for few clubs and dad is coaching ) I can clearly see dad is using son's love for cricket to control my time with the son.

Has any of you having 50,50 care? How did you schedule it?
What are the pros and cons?

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7 months ago
Just hurry up and get the court orders