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Reporting a new job to Centrelink.

Answered 3 months ago

Hi , we have been in parenting payment recently as my husband was out of work, but he was offered a job recently and will get the contract to sign this week, likely starting a week from now. Is it normal to declare this to Centrelink ahead of starting, I just remember it saying within 14days so I’m not sure if that’s mesns after? I will need to request more daycare hours(an extra day) for my youngest too, as I’m going to need it now. This is standard right? Thank you!

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3 months ago
report any change in circumstances within 14 days & no risk of overpayment/debt

2 years ago
Wait till the day after he has started and call them. You have 14 days from the day he starts to let them know. Your daycare will be fine too if you call them then.

2 years ago
I'd ring as soon as possible and inform them. I'm terrified of being overpaid and having a substantial debt lol


2 years ago
Me too, I just don’t want to be on the phone for forever and then be told I can only report after he starts... I wonder if you haven’t started anything might happen and you might suddenly not get the job, so I’m just looking for clarification to save time. I can’t find it online