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Domestic Abuse Against Men

Answered 13 days ago

I would love to know men's experiences with Domestic Violence and family law? It seems no matter what the women are believed and men's discounted. I think most of the time it's mutual domestic violence from what I have experienced in my live. Thoughts?

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13 days ago
There is a difference between a toxic relationship and a domestically violent one. Toxic is where two people are equally as bad as one another. And not when one has had enough of the abuse and stands up for themselves here and there. A domestically violent relationship is where one person holds power and control over the other. From my experience a lot of men claiming DV are in toxic relationships or cry out when their partner "fights back". Additionally men who have been abusive during a relationship and then claim the women is keeping them from the child/ren often lack insight that they are not safe for the children to be around. Meaning if you have abused your partner especially if children know about it and have witnessed it then you are not a safe person nor a good role model for the children. On top of this is that usually one parent (mostly females) has not put in much effort into parenting whilst in the relationship and then expects to be able to care for the children (safely, putting them first, being respectful and have a healthy co parenting relationship) on their own. Sadly in my work I see children dragged through the court system as another form of control over the non dv parent.


9 days ago
I second this. My ex only wants contact with our child "because I still get to see you this way" his words. Children are hurt are dv and da. It stays with you forever.
Yes men are abused but because people DONT report it it is less heard of. And yes family courts fail kids all the time. But they fail BOTH men and women aswell.