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Step Kids

I have 4 step kids aged 2,4,5 and 6 and all boys and they whinge at all meal times cause they don't like it ....they want junk food and partner orders pizza or takes them out for junk food
I am teaching my 9 year old daughter ( from previous relationship ) to eat healthy

the rugrats are over 2 weekends in a row

don't know what to do ?


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If they don't like what is cooked for dinner - tough! Tell them it's not a restaurant!

We dae your own pizza night, I add pureed veggies to the sauce, make cauliflower or whole grain crust, and use light cheeses. Then I have healthy toppings like chicken, turkey sausage, and veggies. They have a great time

Take your daughter out for a nice meal somewhere that has healthy options while he is feeding his kids pizza. Enjoy yourselves and spend some time together.

When my step kids are over it's my house rules my partner back all and any choice I make for mine from previous marriage, his kids and our daughter together. And at my house with food there is two options 1. YOU EAT IT 2. YOU DON'T

it's terrible he doesn't back you up on this

I make home made pizza too. I let the kids choose the toppings. We also make home made chicken nuggets and little pastry things. You can sneak good stuff in and they won't even know. Also - tell them (and hubby) before they eat that this is what is for dinner. If they eat it, they get desert - in our house that is custard or yogurt or fruit. If they don't eat it they don't get anything else.