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How do you clean your shower?

We have a tiled shower with a glass shower screen. Does anyone have any tips to share on how they clean their shower and the products they use? Particularly interested in how to get rid of calcium stains on shower screen.


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Yep jiff and a scrubbing brush. Just make sure you get all the jiff off with water once finished

I use selleys mould remover. It does a fantastic job. Then glass cleaner to freshen the glass after.

Many home cleaners use toothpaste as an alternative to baking soda.
Apply some regular toothpaste to a moist towel and rub it over the stain using circular motions. Wait a few minutes, and then rinse off the paste with equal parts water and vinegar to remove all residue. Still if you feel like nothing going to happen then call the professional and Tile and grout cleaning near you. I personally call Toms Tile and Grout for my tile and grout cleaning and even shower glass cleaning too.

Enjo. Shower mitt all over the tiles, the scourer one for the grout, then go over it all with the drying cloth and it's sparkling!

Rinse shower after showering and make the family do it

 Once a week a give shower a good clean
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For daily up keep, get a dish wand and fill with half dish liquid, half white vinegar. Streak free shine and stops scum buildup

Gumption and a scrubbing brush. Once a week I clean my shower. I have frosted glass so it isn’t too much of pain to keep clean. My mum has clear glass and she wipes it down with a cloth after every shower and it is always spotless.

I use jiff. Get in the shower all naked like and scrub for my life lol. I find it works really well and you don't need too much

 Also need to wash it off well so you don't get that creamy residue
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