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Great idea to keep kids busy during holidays!

I’ve thought of a great way to keep the kids entertained for a couple hours incase you’re at a loss!

I bought a few plastic syringes from chemist warehouse, a bag of disposable plastic cups and set out a little table outside filling up the cups with various liquids that interact differently with each other, for eg. Oil, water, vinegar, bicarb soda powder, milk and soapy water.
I added food colour to some liquids to make it more interesting and I just them play with the syringes sucking up and adding the different liquids to each other they loved it! You can re-fill them too


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Bloody great idea! Thank you, we will be doing this one

That’s a great idea. The kids would love it and probably don’t even realise they’re learning a bit of science along the way.

Parks, museums, beach if it warms up, local pool etc.
Personally I'll be working though

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Fantastic idea!! There's some more school holiday ideas on the website too so pop over and have a look!

How old are your kids?

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 Mine are 7 and 9
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Rock painting and hiding those rocks. Look up the fb pages.