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Affair with married man

I am Single and met a married man on POF and he said he is married on his profile and wanted to set him up with recording device I chickened out recording him cause I believed his sob story
Fast forward 3 years he wants to get me pregnant we will need IVF cause he had the snip
He wants twins and he will leave his wife for me when twins are born
People have said not to believe him and he will cheat on me and or leave me

Not sure what to do


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Wouldn't the logical first steps be for him to admit his wrong doing to his wife, do all he can to support his current family to transition to their new life, then start an actual relationship with you to see if you are actually compatible in a relationship (not just an affair!). Them once you've established a stable relationship start thinking about children? An affair partner and a person you are raising children with need very different skill sets!

Do you deliberately use the same writing style every time so that people know who you are? Or do you not know how to write any other way?


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I am a mother of twins, I think you should spend time with a twin or multiple mum before you make that decision.

It is not just two beautiful smiling babies all the time, it's massive sleep deprivation and exhaustion, trying to feed two babies at the same time, trying to get them to sleep at the same time, when one gets sick the other is to follow etc etc.

If he hasn't made a solid commitment to you yet.....I think you are crazy to even consider to try for twins or a child at all with this man!!

Why would he put that he is married on a dating site bio πŸ˜‚

I hope this is a troll question. Surely you can see 3 years along he is not going to leave his wife. He is probably cheating on you too. And bringing kids into this will just worsen an already shit situation. You met him on POF. He wants roots and nothing more.

Also, who’s gonna pay for the ivf?

 He’s paying for ivf
He is rich

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 WIfe will figure it. Now.... stop with your obvious trolling. Your writing style gives you a way every time.
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You can’t believe this. It’s been 3 years. He is still with her. No children or anything will make him leave

If that's the best you can do, you should just stick with that.

This sounds like a lifetime movie or an episode of forensic files. Either way, most don't end well.