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Alcohol dependency

I have an alcohol addiction. I work full time and function quite well but I need help. Anyone out there who has been in a similar situation and come out the other side? Needing advice, tips, tricks and general chat about it.


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Google 'one year no beer' for inspiration and some really interesting stats.
Identify your trigger times - stressful day at work? Chance to sit down and unwind? And then look at ways to replace that - eg. I'm having mineral water with lime on the deck for half an hour while I listen to music rather than I'm having a bottle of wine, or I'm having those fancy olives/chips/bar of chocolate tonight after work while I watch netflix - whatever will help you tickle the relaxing itch.
Put the money you were going to spend on alcohol in a piggy bank or special bank account every time you fight off the urge to buy it - have a goal in mind for that cash like a day at a day spa or a new outfit or whatever you want.
Don't keep it in the house.
Be prepared for withdrawals - even step it down gradually (but with definite deadlines - eg. there are three bottles of wine in the house, when they're gone that's it until ........... Easter? my birthday? whatever.
Enlist help - let your partner know. Maybe have a check-in person to talk to.
Scare yourself by googling the correlation between some cancers and alcohol.
If you have friends who are drinking like you are, don't see them as much, arrange alcohol free get-togethers or get them on board.
Get an old-fashioned boiled lolly or peppermint in your mouth when you are tempted - they make the drink taste awful and they keep your mouth full for longer!
Plan ahead for social functions - especially around Christmas - eg. I'm taking this fancy mineral water or I'm having this one mixer drink I have or make a batch of mocktails - ginger beer with pineapple juice or lime juice on ice are good. Also consider being designated driver for the staff night out or suggesting an alternative - like bowling or go-karting or an afternoon at the beach or lunchtime family picnic.
Good luck - you can do this!

 Great tips!
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How bad?
Like are you drinking in the morning? Getting withdrawals?
I was an every night drinker couldn’t not have it

I started to substitute for tea and it was hard habit to break but I broke it

I go months now without it but I find I skip straight back into it if I have a “wine at the end of the day after the kids are in bed”
That seems to be my “trigger” then I’ll need it worse every night and the need becomes strong within a week.

I’m too the point I go so long without it that when I do have it even a small amount (2 glasses can give me a hangover. A bottle of wine is a 2 day hangover for me now, so I end up going longer stints with out it. Currently haven’t had it since May.

Not sure how bad you are but maybe you just need to find WHY you aren’t drinking and replace it with another habit or address what’s driving you to drink:

 No never drink in the mornings. I function as per normal during the day but late afternoon I'll start drinking. It's usually every second day. Not every day.
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I was you. Except I binged until I blacked out. I drank to get drunk. I ended up quitting alcohol for about 14 months. And just this weekend I bought myself ultra light beers 0.5percent alcohol to work on my consumption so 2 beers over a three hour period. I went well. If you are a true alcoholic then maybe you need AA but if you were like me, maybe you just need a big break and to respect your relationship with alcohol

You need something to unwind, ideally you would knock off work and go for a bike ride, rather than walk into a house where you feel stress. I feel for you, baby steps, but book into a gp,

I'm in a similar situation. Ive looked into AA but am not all that with the religious side of it. If i were strong enough to admit my issues to my doctor I would seek a therapist instead. I wish you all the best.