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Feeling invaded

Last night I found 2 pairs of my undies hidden in hubby's bathroom cupboard side. After having 3 kids I now have a leaky bum. So sometimes I have skid marks. I put these undies in the bottom of the wash which is usually done daily but this week I had a busy week with the kids school. He literally would've had to be looking for them. He hasn't said anything. I feel like he's invaded my personal space. I know he has weird fetishes but this one takes the cake.


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What the hell?

 Trust me writing this makes me mortified. It's embarrassing. Even more so now hubby knows about me problem 😨
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Have you asked your doctor about the leaky bum issue? would pelvic floor exercises help?

You poor thing, that's awful, I would be mortified! It's not okay for him to do that at all!

My husband… no big deal. When you catch your little brother selling them to a guy stalking you when you're a teenager… that was a big deal!

 Wow. That's a tad creepy. How did you find out, and what ended up happening?
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At least hes smelling your undies and not someone elses

 Yep shit stained and all.
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 Yeah but if it were someone elses shit stained undies she found in his bathroom drawer it would be worse
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About the wiping, have you tried using baby wipes? trust me they are a whole lot better than normal toilet paper. About the undies and your husband, is he doing this just with your undies? Some guys do get off with this type of thing ... to some degree it's kinda of creepy. I think you need to confront him in a non-aggressive way and ask him directly what is he doing and that it makes you uncomfortable.

 Just don't flush them!
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He is sniffing your skids? What the actual f**k? I just.... Nope.

This is a troll

 I'm the op. Wish I was stirring the pot.
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Ok, thats kind of weird. But, i have the same leaky bum issue. Im sorry you have it but im so glad its not just me!! Why does it happen and is there anything you can do about it?

 I'm also relieved to hear there is another person who has this issue. I haven't found any solution yet. It's embarrassing. I feel like a little girl again who can't wipe her bum clean and leaves skiddies. And then to add more embarrassment my hubbies sniffing my undies.
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 I was having this same issue until I just sat on the toilet a few minutes after I had finished and wiped, then I would wipe again. It might or might not work but if you haven't maybe give it a try.
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Are you sure the kids didn't put them in his cupboard? My kids love 'hiding' stuff and i often find weird stuff in weird places.

He just wants to put it in your bum

 He gets to do that. He's just extremely kinky with some things. I'm not comfortable with half of his suggestions he makes. And this undie thing is gross in my eyes.
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 He's not using it for that is he op ? U just putting it out there?
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Is this fairdinkum?

If he did notice bugger it. He should know these things happen. Nothing a bit of nappy San won't fix. Sure u both know one another's unmentionables. Xx

Hmm having kinks is one thing and everyone has them to some degree but the person your sharing them with needs to be comfortable with them to, if not that becomes very unhealthy and borderline abusive. You should confront him, don't accuse him you don't want to go down the road of insulting his kinks but say it makes you really uncomfortable and he needs to not do it anymore, no questions and you wont discuss it. People can be indulged to a certain extent but your not obligated to do anything that really makes you feel uncomfortable just because his your husband.

 I'm embarrassed about my undies and don't want him to know I know. He's not the sort of person a who'll just leave the subject be.
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 I agree. Fine to have kinks but both should be happy to explore this or you don't do it at all. Don't cross that boundary.
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 Perhaps leave a bucket in the laundry full of water and nappy sand and immediately put your undies in there so he has nothing to 'steal' the ideal solution would be for him to respect your wishes but this could be a solution in the short term?
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