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Masturbation techniques

Answered 28 days ago

Hey, looking for some different ways to have a little fun and get off so guess I’ll start. Leave your technique below or what you like to do to get off

So usually I will watch some porn laying down in bed or the couch rubbing my clit and the other hand playing with my nipples. I usually tease and edge till i can feel my juices running down then sliding a couple of fingers inside to rub my g spot till i cum

I know probably a little boring but wanting to get a toy soon
Any other suggestions to change it up a little?? Help please lol

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28 days ago
Suction cup dildo up my ass and a G spot vibe gets me going off. Intense but fun. Time for a shower

29 days ago
Get a dildo with suction cup to use in the shower

29 days ago
A Magic Wand works wonder's

2 months ago
go fast