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Does your husband ever call you a miserable bitch when you have an argument?


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Nope. He has never called me names when arguing. Argue the point, not the person.

I don’t think he would dare I would take it as a challenge and go out and have fun without him just to prove how happy I really could be.

No because if anyone was a grump in our relationship it would be him

My husband calls me stupid, retarded, fu****g thick, crazy, and a complete mental case . It breaks my heart and I never call him names. Ever.

And I'm not stupid I have a university degree and a good professional job and do very well at studies and tests, I can do maths sums instantly. So it's weird he falls me that but the therapist says he is projecting how he really feels in an argument. I try to remember that but it still hurts

Yes my husband did. He is now my ex husband because he thought a younger girlfriend would make him happier. He's still searching for that perfect woman 6 years later. And he still abuses me, calling me all different names. Go figure!

Yes. Yesterday actually. Apparently I'm lazy and useless as well.

 Yeah I got called fat and lazy yesterday then he wondered why I wouldn’t help.
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 Me too just now.
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 I know that feeling, do you ever get told to f**k off and leave when you have an opinion
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 Yep. He can't handle being questioned or the possibility there is more than just his way or viewpoint.
I'm sad you guys cop it too but I'm comforted I'm not alone.

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My husband said I was a mediocre wife in a fight ..... I told him maybe I don't want a mediocre husband either!

 ....... he still is a mediocre husband (a good businessman, but a mediocre husband & father). He puts the majority of effort into work. I know we need know make money to live & I've always done my best to support him & our business, but it feels like work always becomes before family.
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