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Parent alienation

Answered 8 months ago

At what point do you just give up fighting for access to your child?
No contact and the other parent is doing absolutely everything to keep it that way.

Im at absolute breaking point

The lies and manipulation as well as getting the child to lie is just too much for me to handle

I have another child to think about as well and i cant function, im not sleeping, anxiety attacks nearly daily all because my abusive ex decided that my child needed to be solely his.

Hes made it clear that he will keep going to extreme lengths to keep child away from me

Its broken me

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8 months ago
I feel for you.
We have a situation similar with the mother causing continuous issues for the last 6 years.
I ended up taking a second job and helping my partner take his ex wife to family court for a court ordered custody agreement because we could prove he’s always been there, done the right thing, paid his child support and then some and by the time we went we had emails detailing very clearly how the mother used the kids as currency for monetary gain, threaten to withhold and was refusing to let the kids call dad whilst they were in her care.
We ended up with 5 nights a fortnight which is more or less what he wanted.


8 months ago
My friend did the same. Cost her $100,000 in legal fees

1 year ago
You NEVER give up fighting for your child!!!!
You fight until you are six feet under.
You NEVER give up on your child!!!