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My kids

My kids are being such arseholes right now! How hard is it to stay in your room and clean it up. Why do you end up in each other’s rooms, fighting in the kitchen, telling on each other 100 times “he broke this”, “she hit me”...

Please tell me I’m not alone !!!!


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I feel really great ful right now hahaha my girls are 8 and 5 and if I ask them to clean they go and do it. But they are really clean kids. They make their beds in the morning etc so it's never really messy. I love to clean and I think my kids have inherited that from me hahaha

Bet you call childless women selfish

OP Grow up and get a life. At one stage in life we were all childless
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 ^hahaha great reply!! Take that trollypoos😂
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 Some are childless forever
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